How to Become an Amazon Reviewer & Score TONS of #FREE Stuff!

Amazon is one of the biggest buying/selling markets on the planet, and a big reason that has to do with this (besides the conveience of buying EVERYTHING all in one place) is that you can always find reviews on each product so you know what you’re getting before you submit your payment information and buy.

Reviews are invaluable to the site and sellers know that good reviews mean their products have a much better chance of selling. So, they offer free product to influential reviewers, in hopes that the 4 and 5 star reviews will help them have a much better turn around on selling!  Which it almost always does!

Reviews are the way of buying and selling online now days! In fact, I read recently from Tap Influence, that “Customers are 92% more likely to rely on the opinion and recommendation through the social world (bloggers, social media, etc) than from what a brand has to say about their product.” If you’re selling a product online, you need to have reviews of your product in order for buyers to know what to expect and be willing to fork out the money to buy it for themselves! This is exactly why blogging has blown up so much in the last few years too! Did you know that for traditional advertising you only get $2 back for every $1 Spent – BUT- in social advertising (wether through site reviews, blog reviews, or reviews across social media platforms) for that $1 spent, you get back an average of $15! Online reviews are effective! Brands know this and that’s exactly why Amazon Reviewing is blowing up!

I get asked all the time how I got into Amazon’s top 50 Reviewer List (I’m currently ranked #57) , and how others can score tons of free goods in exchange for reviews on Amazon. Over the last few years, I’ve been an avid Amazon shopper and and I would get emailed by Amazon for a review, and on those products I really loved and thought were exceptional for the prize, I would leave a quick review.

how to be an amazon reviewer and score lots of stuff for free

In the last year, Amazon reviewing has taken off in a big way and the higher your Amazon Reviewer Score (meaning you give lots of good, thorough reviews, are a trusted source, and others find your reviews helpful) the more offers will come your way from companies and brands who want reviews on Amazon to help their sales!  I started getting piles and piles of packages shipped to my door daily for review! So much that I was spending up to 10 hours a week just reviewing products on Amazon! I can’t even begin to count how much I’ve saved in $ over this last year by getting nearly everything I could ever want or need for my home, completely free! I’ve gotten tons of clothes, jewelry, beauty products, hair styling tools, fitness tools, foods, supplements, home products, car products, phone accessories, tech gadgets, you name it! If they sell it on Amazon, there is a good chance I’ve been approached to review it and probably have!’


1. How did I get to the point where I was getting about 20 emails a day from sellers asking me to review their produts on Amazon for Free? I started out by joining some Amazon Review clubs. There are a ton out there and its easy to join (membership is usually free) and this is a good way to get hooked up with brands to start reviewing their products in exchange for free product or highly discounted product.


Here are some of my favorite Amazon Review clubs: – This site has some of the biggest selection of products to review that I’ve seen! I check it daily! – Sign up for their newsletter and they will send you a daily email letting know what’s available to review.

Amazon Best Deals Facebook Group – This is just one of many Amazon Review facebook groups you can join!

Snaged It – Sign up for amazon reviews here or get connected with brands for blog reviews here too if you happen to be a blogger! There are lots of paid options as well for blog work (note that it is against Amazon policy to be paid for reviews) – This site is brand new and will be going live soon!


2. If you’re new to reviewing products on Amazon, you’re going to want to do some reviews first. When you make a purchase from Amazon, visit the site and leave a good, thorough, detailed review with pictures or vidoes. When I’m contacted by sellers to review for them on Amazon, along with commenting on the fact that they found me on Amazon’s top 100 Reviewers list, they always comment on how thorough my reviews are, how trustworthy they are, and how good the pictures are. If you wan’t sellers to pick you in the review clubs you’ve signed up for, you need to show them that you are a reliable, good reviewer.

Take some pride in your reviews, and really tell the buyer what they can expect from the product. Think of questions you would want to know about the product and be sure to add them in my review.

Even if you didn’t buy the product on Amazon, often times you can find it there and Amazon will still let you leave a review.

*Also note that due to new Amazon Policy- only 5 non-verified reviews can be done a week. If Amazon can verify you purchased the product on Amazon, you can do an unlimited amount of verified reviews per week. You also never have to leave a review in exchange for product. It’s up to you and you can choose not to, However, if you want continued work from sellers, leave reviews.

Keep your Amazon profile up to date, especially with a contact email, as this is how most sellers will contact you for a review.

Keep adding reviews weekly! This keeps you on the radar of sellers and you will be more likely to be contacted for reviews! It will also help you keep climing the ranks of Amazon’s Top Reviewers.

how to be an amazon reviewer and score lots of stuff for free


You can see my Amazon Profile for an idea of what reviews should look like: MyStyleSpot

When you leave thorough, honest reviews, you will get Helpful votes, which has a very positive influcnce on your Amazon reviewing score and influence. I’ve had over 4.9k helpful votes, meaning over 4.9k times, someone found what I had to say about the product, helpful in deciding wether or not to purchase the product.

If I don’t like a product, I am honest about it too. Often times if you’re contacted by a seller, they will want you to let them know if you had an issue with the product before leaving a negative review. I find that when I let them know before posting the review, they will often times correct the situation or send you a new, better-working product. However, it is up to you, and you can still leave that negative feedback.


I hope these tips help get you started on Reviewing Products on Amazon! In recent changes this Fall, many reviwers were kicked off the platform for not following the rules for reviewing set by Amazon, so be sure to Always follow the Amazon Reviews Guidelines which you can see HERE. Reviews are always checked by Amazon before it goes live on the site, so you want to be sure you’re keeping Amazon Happy too!


Sign up for my email list, and I will have some of my favorite brands contact you for some product reviews! Email me at with your name and email!


Happy Reviewing!

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5 thoughts on “How to Become an Amazon Reviewer & Score TONS of #FREE Stuff!”

  1. I thought that Amazon updated their TOS so that you can no longer post a review about something you received for free? I know they took down some of my former posts where I had reviewed products “for free in exchange for an honest review”–that kind of thing.

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for your comment! You’re right, sellers can’t offer gift cards for the full amount or the review will be removed, and both the seller and reviewer account could be in jeapordy of being removed from Amazon. The review will also be removed if you post “I received this product for free” or something similar. Reviews can still be posted for a gift card of a 99% or less discount, and I believe product can still be sent to the reviewer directly, although the review when posted will not be a “Verified” review. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. So fabulous!! I was doing this for a little while but not really benefitting from it!! Maybe I’ll give it a try again!!

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