Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Hey, lovely! It’s that time of year! Welcome to the 2021 MyStyleSpot Holiday Gift Guide where I’ve compiled some of the BEST Holiday gifts this year, for everyone on your Holiday Shopping list! Most of these gifts work for just about anyone! Read on to see some of my favorites!


Perfect Gifts for ANYONE on your Holiday Shopping List!


1. Leguano Barefoot Shoes

Did you know that most shoes are actually doing more harm to your feet than good? Wearing fitness shoes, boots, or other stiff, non-flexible shoes actually keep you from working your foot muscles which in turn is making you’re feet and body more prone to injury! Yeah, I was surprised to learn that too, but it’s true!

Check out my video review of leguano Barefoot Shoes Here on my Youtube to learn more!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Leguano Barefoot Shoes is a revolutionary shoe handmade in Germany, that allows you the flexibility and freedom of going barefoot while still protecting yourself and your feet from earth elements or sharp objects.

Want to learn more about Legauno Barefoot Shoes or pick some up for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Check them out here at They have men’s, women’s, and kids’ barefoot shoes!

And be sure to check out all the countless testimonials and natural benefits from going “Barefoot” from Leguano Barefoot shoe wearers!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Leguano shoes make a great gift for ANYONE on your Holiday shopping list this year! If you have feet, you need Leguanos! I think it makes an especially great gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, think the walker, hiker, or fitness lover! You can make sure all that being on their feet is doing them well! Leguano also makes a fun gift for the fashion lover too! Check out their boots!! SUPER-CUTE!!

Shop Leguano Shoes HERE!



2. Green Roads CBD

My bestie has suffered some serious health issues and chronic pain this last year, so I’m gifting her some CBD from Green Roads. CBD makes a great gift for nearly anyone on your holiday shopping list! I gifted myself the Sleep CBD from Green Roads because I find that CBD helps me fall asleep so much easier AND actually stay asleep through the night!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

CBD has sooo many health benefits which are why it makes such a great gift for anyone on your list! Along with pain relief and/or better sleep, CBD is also well known for helping to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and worry, and can help lift and brighten your mood too! Green Roads CBD also has specific CBD products that help with boosting energy and helping you stay focused too! CBD can also help improve memory, mental speed, and alertness, help verbal recall, and reduce brain fog too!

I’ve been using CBD pretty religiously for about the last 2 years now and it has helped me with so many different things! I take some when I want to relax and am having a hard time or am stressing or worrying. I also love them for sleep as I said above, and I’ve also used them monthly for awful menstrual cramps I tend to get regularly. CBD has helped me more than anything else (over-the-counter) I’ve used for reducing menstrual cramp pain! I know CBD has helped my bestie immensely this last year with her chronic pain too!

Green Roads offers all types of award-winning CBD in capsules, gummies, and my favorite… yummy chocolate bars, which are also vegan-friendly!!

Pick up Green Roads CBD HERE today! 

Also, right now you can get 30% off your first order from Green Roads CBD!



Perfect Gifts for HER


3. Femme Luxe Fashion

I shop  Femme Luxe regularly and LOVE the fashion! They offer super quality pieces and some of the comfiest loungewear and joggers I’ve ever worn, which are all SUPER Affordable (think $20-$30 an item!) What woman doesn’t love some cozy loungewear? This is why I’ll be gifting my mom and sister some cozy sweatshirts and joggers like these from Femme Luxe this year!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Besides super soft and cozy loungewear, you can also find other fabulous on-trend fashion from Femme Luxe: 

I also love their jackets which also make a great gift for any fashionista on your holiday shopping list!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

These are just some of my favorite pieces from Femme Luxe, but they have such a HUGE Affordable Selection to choose from, so be sure to check them out! And the quality of their clothing is AMAZING – ESPECIALLY for the price!

Interested in shopping Femme Luxe for the lovely ladies on your holiday list? Check them out at today!


4. LIT ActiveWear

Got a fitness junkie on your holiday shopping list? Or just a lady or girlfriend who loves wearing activewear (don’t we all?!) Then look no further! LIT activewear offers amazing quality and truly unique activewear pieces, clothing, jackets, and coats you won’t find anywhere else! LIT is perfect for the fashionista as well!

Check out this adorable sports bra and short set I got from LIT Active! its very comfy but moves well with the body too! I love that I’ve never seen anything else like it at the gym! This workout outfit is so unique and so chic! You can find TONS of fun, unique pieces like this at LIT!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Right now, you can Get 30% off EVERYTHING with  CWLIT30 + Use my code: Cindy20 for an additional 20% off!!

Shop LIT Active Here!


5. For the Cook, or the person on your list who actually doesn’t like to cook but needs some home-cooked meals!

Yep, you read that right.  The Chefe Multicooker is GREAT for the cook on your list, but if you’re like me (or someone on your holiday shopping list is!) and really can’t stand being in the kitchen but have to come up with meals most of the week, you’re going to love this too!  I got sent the Chefe Multicooker and boy has it made my life so much easier! You can literally throw ingredients in here and it will do all the work. Just like the name says, it can cook many different things! Everything from steaming and reheating, to cooking, slow-cooking, and baking too!

It has a handy water tank on the back (much like a Keurig!) that automatically adds water to the bowl when needed and offers precise temperature control. I also love that the pot in stainless-steel, non-stick for easy cleaning! With the Chefe Multicooker, you get Sous Vide results with the hassle of a vacuum-sealed bag!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I love making Risotto in it as well as yummy coconut rice pudding! I put the ingredients in the bowl, select what I want it to do on the handy LED screen above, and it does all the work for me! In minutes, my dinner is ready to go! It saves me so much time and makes cooking so much easier and more enjoyable for me and looks great on my countertop too!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

You can find the Chefe Multicooker and many other awesome Chefe products HERE ON AMAZON!

Use my code: CW20POWER and get 20% off! 


PERFECT Gifts for Him


6. The NanRobot Electrical Scooter

My boyfriend and I got Nanrobot electric scooters this spring and boy have we never had so much fun! My boyfriend has told me time and time again that it has become his very favorite to do- to take out the electric scooters! Electric scooters are so much fun and the Nanrobot can literally go anywhere, even off-road! We love riding them around town and neighborhood trails but we’ve also taken them off-road a bit too!

best holiday gifts 2021 holiday gift guide

Electric scooters are the must-have man-toy! I don’t know a man who wouldn’t love this. This is by far the best gift I could’ve gotten my boyfriend! I’ve never seen him so excited about anything as he is about the Nanrobot!

Best Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Nanrobot is by far one of the best scooters out there. We did tons of research on them before deciding on the Nanrobot! You can learn all about all the specs HERE, but if you’re like me, word of mouth and reviews are best when it comes to buying man-stuff like this! lol. I have been riding my own Nanrobot scooter for most of the year, several times a week, and nearly every day in the summer and It’s a TON of fun for me too! We have such a great time taking our scooters out for our next adventure and we find so many awesome finds such as parks, ponds, trails, etc in our town we had no idea about until we got our E Scoots from Nanrobot! We also get stopped all the time with people asking us where we got them and saying how much fun they look! And trust me, they are! We have SO MUCH FUN every time we take them out! You can also find TONS of other reviews with all the specs, etc on Youtube!

Best 2021 Holiday Gifts: MyStyleSpot Gift Guide

Interested in picking up the Nanrobot Electrical Scooter for that special guy on your list or perhaps getting one for yourself as well like me and my boyfriend did? Check the Nanrobot Electrical Scooters out HERE at!

Right now, you can get up to $600 off select models! We have the D6 which is currently $1490 (reg $1700!)



Happy Holiday Shopping!

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  1. This is an awesome gift guide, I have so many ideas now! The Femme Luxe loungewear is definitely something that I would love to receive, it looks so comfortable!!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think if you get them, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it! xoxo

  2. I would love to get a Nanrobot electrical scooter. This would be great to use in the Spring/Summer to get around and not have to use your vehicle, worry about parking etc

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