BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is Sunday! Have you got Mom a gift yet? Have no fear! I have compiled some FABULOUS Gifts, most of which you can even get last-minute for Mom this Mother’s Day! I also have some amazing savings and discounts, exclusive for my readers on Most of these products + some already big Mother’s Day Sales going on! Read on to check out the MyStyleSpot 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Best Last-Minute gifts for Mom!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST LAST-MINUTE Gifts for Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022


1. ZionHeath Haircare for beautiful, shiny, healthy soft hair for Mom this Mother’s Day!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Zion Health HairCare is some of the BEST haircare I’ve ever tried!  I’m going to just come out with a BANG on this one and highly suggest you get your mom (or yourself) some Zionhealth! Mom (and you!) won’t be disappointed, I promise! I’ve been trying out beauty and hair care products for the last 12 years as a blogger/vlogger and this is some of the best hair care I’ve ever come across in my 12 years of blogging! The hair scrub is where it’s at so if you want to pick up something a little extra for yourself or get mom something that will blow her mind, then go for the Zionhealth Hair and Scalp Scrub!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

I had never even heard of a hair scrub before so at first, I thought it might be a little gimmicky but boy was I wrong! The first time I used it, I noticed a BIG difference, and I’m talking HUGE! My hair was soooo incredibly soft and so much shinier than normal! It also dried in like half the time!

I’ve tried it again and again and keep getting the same results! The Zionhealth Scalp and Hair Scrub is a serious game changer peeps!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

My hair feels so much healthier too! I have naturally dry hair and live in a dry climate so my hair needs all the hydration it can get, and boy does Zionhealth deliver! You can also actually feel how much cleaner it is after using it in the shower too. I was completely blown away!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022


I also got to try out the Zionhealth Adama Naturals Coconut + Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner, and I felt like I took a tropical escape while in the shower! The scent is amazing and both of these products also do a really great job of helping to moisturize and review dull and over-processed hair! I swear I felt more relaxed using it too!

I really love that the brand uses ancient clay and ancient minerals as their secret ingredient! I don’t know exactly what those “ancient minerals” are, but I’m totally sold! This is my new go-to haircare brand and I can’t wait to try out more from ZionHealth!

Shop ZionHealth HERE and get Mom some amazing hair-care gifts she will be sure to love! While you’re at it, get yourself some too, you won’t regret it!

+ USE MY CODE: CINDYB10 and get 10% off any scented hair scrubs for Mom!


2. The Power to B Beautiful inspirational bracelets for Mom!

These beautiful inspirational bracelets from The Power to B will inspire mom each and every day! They come in 5 different power words and several different colors and are a one-size fit’s all! You can also find more delicate chain bracelets and necklaces here if that’s more Mom’s Style!

Inspired by a difficult time in the lives of the creators of this amazing brand, The Power to B came about to inspire women everywhere, every day!

I find these gorgeous bracelets super encouraging and love to wear them daily to remind me to be my best self! I am giving a couple of these to my mom this Mother’s Day too as I know this is something she will love and wear all the time as well!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

These 5 power word bracelets can help inspire Mom daily to remember to:

B strong for herself and others

B Fearless when facing the unknown

B Limitless in chasing her dreams

B Fierce when doubt creeps in

and to B Badass and make it all look easy! While of course, B-eing herself the whole time!


The Power to B brand is a brand made to share!

Shop the Beautiful The Power to B bracelet (or necklace) collection HERE for Mom! 


3. NIRA LASER to help mom look and feel her best!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Get mom the Nira Laser – Amazing for Wrinkles! I am currently trying it out on my crows feet and my droopy, saggy eyelids! The Nira Laser is the first FDA-approved laser made to be safely used at home, and small enough to treat tiny crow feet wrinkles, in just 2 minutes a day!

Mom will see results in 90 days and she will never look back! Nira offers an amazing 90-day money-back guarantee!

Be sure to stay tuned for my Youtube Review of the Nira Laser coming soon!


Right now, GET 35% OFF THE NIRA LASER RIGHT NOW 4 mom this MOTHERS DAY Look younger in 90 days! (a $130 savings!!)


Get Mom the Nira Laser for fine lines and wrinkles, 45% off HERE for Mother’s Day! 


4. Vivaia Shoes- Gorgeous, Sustainable, Super comfy Shoes for mom to wear daily!

Is mom very earth-conscious and into sustainable and eco-friendly products? Then she is going to LOVE Vivaia shoes!

Vivaia Shoes are sustainable, eco-friendly shoes made from recycled plastic bottles!

I got to try out some adorable Stella Black kitten heels and the cute Jenny flats from Vivaia (Both of which Mom is sure to love!) which are made from a special material made from Vivaia which they designed from used water bottles! The shoes are super comfy and supportive and Vivaia offers TONS of cute unique, vegan, and sustainable styles!

Must-Have 2022 Spring Fashion at Prices You Will LOVE + Fantastic Mother's Day Gift Ideas

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Shop Vivaia Shoes for Mom HERE today! 


5. Mozzafiato Italian Beauty- for a luxurious at-home Spa day for Mom!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Mozzafiato is the place to shop for authentic Italian treasures! I have only recently found out about them and tried out one of their amazing shea butter soaps, and WOW! First off, it’s HUGE so it will last like a year! And next, it smells amazing, but most importantly, I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my skin felt after my shower, and I didn’t moisturize after my shower so I know it’s from my soap from Mozzafiato!
Mozzafiato has some great gift packages already ready to go for mom! I picked the Italian bath set, with salts, soap, and more for a super relaxing spa day at home. This is a great gift all on its own, Mom will be sure to love!
They also have lovely home finds too, like diffusers (they smell amazing!) candles, and more!
Check out my unboxing Instagram Reel below – of some of the great gifts from Mozzafiato I chose for mom this year!


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6. Viome Gut Health Test

Care about mom’s health? Get mom an at-home gut-health test from Viome and help her live her best life! This test will tell mom which foods to avoid and which to eat for a healthy, happy gut and body!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

I got the Viome gut test and I learned that I need to completely avoid cabbage, broccoli, and rice noodles! Among some other veggies and foods! I was so surprised!

But once I learned this info and started avoiding these foods and eating the SUPERFOODS for me it suggested, such as Apples, Apple cider vinegar, artichokes, Basil, and black beans. among many more, my bloating has all but gone! I’m also feeling more energetic and healthier too!

The Viome gut test will also tell you your biological age too so you know just how healthy your body is compared to your actual age!

Watch my video HERE on Twitter to learn more and see all my foods to avoid, as well as my superfoods and biological age HERE!

HUGE MOTHER’S DAY SALE GOING ON NOW! GET 45% off VIOME Health Intelligence Tests $199 ($299 value) or HealthTest with code: BREAK + GET ADDITIONAL $20 OFF W/CODE: MOMSDAY

+ Get an additional $10 OFF WITH CODE: MYSTYLESPOT



7. Bo&Nic Beautiful Skorts, Dresses, and More for Mom!

Bo&Nic creates simple, beautiful, yet super great quality, and elegant fashion perfect for Mom this Mother’s Day!

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022 BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

They have so many gorgeous spring pieces right now, I was so thrilled I got to try out this gorgeous floral Brava fit-n-flare Hot Pink dress and Tenerelife skort in Gold from Bo&Nic!

These pieces are beautiful and a total stand-out! They look elegant and feminine and are super comfy to wear too. They are very well-made clothing that feels luxurious on as well! I know Mom will love some Fashion from Bo&Nic perfect for a night out, work, Brunch, or Sunday church!

Shop some great fashion for Mom HERE from Bo&Nic this Mother’s Day!

+ GET 20% OFF YOUR ORDER with my code: CINDY20 


8. Viscata Espadrille Sandals- to Inspire Mom to plan that amazing, much-needed vacation!

Mom doesn’t necessarily need to be taking a luxurious vacation to Spain this Spring to enjoy these beautiful espadrille shoes, although they would be great for that too!

Viscata Espadrille Shoes, handcrafted in Spain, are some of the most comfortable, beautiful sandals I’ve ever worn! They are chic and make me want to fly away to Paris and enjoy a day of sightseeing!

These shoes are amazing quality and go well with so many things, Mom will be sure to find herself living in them all Spring/Summer long! They also have some fun, bright colors too, if that is more Mom’s Style!

I got to try out some of these beauties and I am in love! (I’m also wearing the first pair in the picture above with my Nic&Bo Skirt!)

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

BEST Last-Minute Gifts for Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Aren’t these espadrille shoes gorgeous?!

Viscata also cares about our beautiful planet and offers an amazing return policy on their shoes! Return any used shoes and Viscata will give you a gift card to be used on a new pair of shoes! WOW!

Shop Viscata Shoes for Mother’s Day HERE!

+ Sign up for their email list and get 10% off your first order!


9. Baikal Skincare – Beautiful, healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin for Mom!

Elina Organics has just expanded its new Baikal Skincare product line with the launch of its organic, vegan, cruelty-free, handmade anti-aging Baikal line featuring a Baikal Crystal Face Infusion, a Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion, a Baikal Crystal Lip Infusion, and a Baikal Crystal  Balm.

These new fabulous products all revitalize the skin with Lubomirskia micro-crystals penetrating the skin, creating micro-channels that stimulate active skin repair processes and collagen regeneration
while delivering skin-firming micronutrients to nourish live skin cells. The main ingredient in this skin-restoring, hydrating and nourishing products are the extract and spicules from the Lubomirskia
freshwater sponge. Extracts of Lubomirskia encapsulated with liposomes enhance this balm’s firming and restoring powers.

“The Lubomirskia freshwater sponge is only found in Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume,” explains Elina Fedotova, celebrity esthetician and founder of Elina Organics Skincare & Spas. “For centuries, infusions of Lubomirskia and other sponges from Lake  Baikal have been remedies for wrinkled, inflamed, and bruised skin. Lubomirskia can help regulate the secretion of sebum, increase fibroblast regeneration, and overall general skin appearance and resiliency.”

These new products contain collagen-stimulating micro-crystals(spicules) from freshwater Baikal sponge, Lubomirskia, and other anti-aging micronutrients. “These unique micro-crystals penetrate the skin, creating micro-channels that stimulate active skin regeneration,” Elina adds. “These crystals deliver nourishing and firming natural nutrients deep into the skin. This product will benefit all
complexions, especially dry, thin, and aging skin. This formula offers a non-invasive organic alternative to micro-needling treatment.”

Elina’s botanical formulas are handmade and small-batch produced in its own Michigan lab and liposome-encapsulated for deep penetration of nutrients into live skin cells. “Our liposomes are created from organic sunflower phospholipids, which help us achieve deep delivery of active ingredients and help to nourish and immediately firm the skin,” according to Elina.

Elina Organics products have been proven through independent scientific testing to activate the expression of essential anti-aging and antioxidant genes that stimulate the production of collagen and keratin. These genes regulate biological processes necessary for skin cell regeneration, renewal, and protection.

Pick up Mom some of this amazing breakthrough anti-aging skincare from Elina Organics Today! 


Want some more great gift ideas? Check out my Youtube 2022 Mother’s Day gift guide coming out tomorrow!


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