The Perfect Solution to Going Braless without Being Bare: Boob-Eez

Ever put on that strapless dress and wonder how you are gonna hide that, ya know… no-bra problem…   ?

I sure have! Too many times too count! I will usually where a really uncomfortable strapless bra that keeps falling down all night to avoid the dreaded RT problem. On the Occasion I have gone completely bra-less, I was so worried about it, I stressed about my outfit more than enjoyed the evening!

Well I found the perfect, comfortable solution to that problem! Boob-Eez! Boob-eez offer several wonderful products to put your mind at ease next time you go strapless. You can get Bralettes, Cami’s Tube-Tops, and even a Stick on Bra designed to be invisible under your clothes, as well do the perfect job to make those nipples completely invisible!

I got the chance to try the Boob-Eez Headlight Concealers, and the Tube Bra in both black and white.

The Headlight Concealers are perfect for covering up that little problem and they are so easy to use! They are completely comfortable and totally stay on! You just take the plastic off the back and apply! They are also the perfect size. The Headlight Concealers can be washed after each use so that they can be used over and over! They stayed on all day and all night for me, no problem at all, and kept my headlights totally concealed!  The headlight concealers are also totally affordable! Pick them up for only $12-$18 (depending on size).

What I also really love about the headlight Concealers, is they stay in place so well even through some serious movement! They can be warn under bathing suits and workout gear! how amazing is that! I’m so excited about that because my sports bras do not conceal the headlights at all! Well No more! I’m wearing my headlight Concealers for all my future workouts!

The Tube Bras were amazing and came in handy way more than I even thought possible! I thought I would use them for the obvious strapless dress, but once I got them I ended up finding uses for them every single day! The Tube Bra’s will only run you about $12 too! Yay!
Here I wear both my Tube Bra in black and my Headlight Concealers under this sweater that has see-through knitted lines throughout the sweater. I loved that I didn’t have to layer a shirt or cami under this sweater but could use the Tube Bra to provide some coverage where I needed it, while totally looking like I’m not layering. The Tube Bra was totally comfortable and stayed in place no problem while I wore it too (and I have teeny tiny boobs, so that says a lot right there…)
The Second use for my Tube Bra was as a camisole under a super low cut sweater. I liked the option of not having to use a real cami under the sweater. This will be nice come spring and its a bit too warm to layer a cami and sweater at the same time.
Here I used my White Tube Bra under a white top that is a bit see-through. I liked that it added a little more coverage to my sheer top, without the obvious bra look.
Here I use my White Tube Bra for my strapless dress.
The tube bras and headlight Concealers were so fun to use and totally did the job! I could relax and not worry about the bra falling down or the headlights beaming full blast! They stayed safely tucked away the whole time while wearing all of these looks.
I know many of you struggle with this problem so don’t waste anymore time worrying about your look or the uncomfortable strapless bra falling down halfway through your night! You can find the perfect solution for any outfit at!
Happy Shopping!
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