Bright Yellow For Fall& the Perfect Accessories: Tidebuy

I refuse to go quietly into fall, in my fashion at least. You won’t find me putting away my whites after Labor Day, and you certainly won’t find me putting away color either. In fact, so many of us often get the idea that fall and winter are about neutrals, and other shades of boring, but that’s really not the case at all. Jewel tone clothing and accessories always look amazing for the cooler months, in fact, color is actually a big trend for fall right now. Pastels are once again huge for yet another season.

While I love my pastels, I love my brights even more. To welcome the cooler months, or at least to fight it as long as I can, I decided to bring out some bright yellow to mix with some fall neutrals.

I found a GORGEOUS bright yellow handbag from Tidebuy, that I’m absolutely in love with (only $24!) First off, I should tell you how much I dislike cheap accessories. I mean, I really dislike them. If they don’t cost much, I usually won’t even bother to look them over. Not that I’m a snob, at least I don’t think so, but if you’ve had a really nice bag and then ever used a cheap bag, you know the difference is huge and totally not worth dropping even a couple of bucks for a cheap bag.

Tidebuy will totally surprise you though. I’m dead serious. I’ve gotten a few handbags from them, all around $10- $30, and have been beyond impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these bags. I also try to buy vegan, so I have loved the huge selection of vegan leather handbags they offer, but you won’t even believe its not real leather once it’s in your hand!

These bags are made of soft, yet super durable leather. The hardware and detail on this bag is absolutely exceptional. I have some very expensive handbags in my closet and this bag completely rivals them! I was beyond impressed when this bag arrived and I picked it up and touched it, and then opened up the zippers, pockets, compartments (it has a TON!) This bag is absolutely to die for and totally not what I expected at that price!

Along with my beautiful bright yellow bag, I decided to try out some shoes from Tidebuy. I found these beautiful yellow, black, and white butterfly heels ($25) and I didn’t have to think twice about them! I loved the style so much, I added them right to my cart.

Some of my favorite shoe designers such as Charlotte Olympia, Pierre Hardy, and Sergio Rossi make outrageous, completely unique and fashionable shoes just like this! The style and design of this butterfly shoe is right up there with some of the greats! You will get so many compliments on these shoes because they are truly one of a kind and make such a huge fashion statement!

When the shoe arrived, I once again was also completely impressed with the high quality! While the toe strap is a little wide so my toes do wiggle around, the durability, shape, and comfort of this shoe feels like a much higher priced designer shoe. Even the vegan leather sole of this shoe feels like an expensive Italian leather sole you find on designer shoes.

Tidebuy has totally got me convinced to take a second look at inexpensive accessories. I’m absolutely amazed with the quality of their shoes and handbags and absolutely love that they are vegan leather, so I can buy what look and feel like super high-end designer shoes, without having to hurt my wallet or the animals of the world!

To go along with these beautiful bright yellow accessories, I picked up this cute polka dot, geometric print black and white dress (Just $6!!)

The dress is super soft and feels like silk. Although it was a bit short for me, I love that I can wear it with leggings for fall, or like I did here, I tucked it into some cute vegan leather black shorts, as a top for fall!

See How I styled my complete Tidebuy Look here:

Great accessories right? I absolutely love the versatility of this dress too!

I know you’re going to love Tidebuy as much as I do, and if you’re in the market for some high-quality, animal-friendly accessories, you absolutely can’t go wrong shopping here! You will be amazed, I promise you!

Be sure and shop today!

Happy Shopping!

* I was given these products for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in tho post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers,  I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

38 thoughts on “Bright Yellow For Fall& the Perfect Accessories: Tidebuy”

  1. I love everything about this bag! I love the color, the size, the pattern, and the price! This bag would look great for this fall season! The shoes are pretty too, but a bit too high for me!

  2. This whole outfit goes together perfectly! I love the $6 black and white polka dot dress, and I agree it’s too short to wear alone. The shoes are really pretty and stylish but I’d break an ankle if I’d try to wear them. My favorite is definitely the yellow bag. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and the size of the bag is just my type.

  3. I love bright colors especially yellow! I love to have bags that stand out from everyone else’s. I love the size of this bag too. This is what size I usually carry everyday. The shoes are very cute and unique. I love the dress as a shirt with leggings.

  4. I’ve been eyeing this adorable bag since you posted this blog and I think when I get paid, I’m going get it for myself lol! That’s how much I love it and the price can’t be beat! I might also get the white and black polka dot shirt/dress!

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