Brightening The Atmosphere In Your Living Room

The living room is usually the room that we see first, that guests come face to face with as soon as they walk in the door, and is the place we lounge and entertain when a long time friend decides to visit. That means we get the most use out of it of any room in the house, so it can suffer a little at our hands. So we need to revamp it from time to time. Here’s a few tips on how to spruce up your living room atmosphere, and make sure you’re living life to the fullest in it.

Brightening The Atmosphere In Your Living Room

Swap the Furniture Around

It sounds like a bit of a cop out, however, the smallest change can do the biggest thing for our space. If you decide the couch has been to the left for a little too long, switch it around with the TV or desk, and open up a whole new outlook in your living room.

This is where you can even bring in the art of Feng Shui; balance in our surroundings really does induce balance in ourselves. Keep clutter off the floor, have the window on one side of the room and the main event in the middle of the room, and have a nicely decorated wall on the other side. This is where you can break out your feature wall plans, and get your partner to see sense in moving the space around as everything will look a bit prettier, and still be a practical space everyone can enjoy themselves in.

Change Your Curtains

With a flick of the wrist you could open or close the curtains, so install some blinds in your living room. Blinds are more of a modern invention, and that means we’re often doing away with traditional curtains and blackout screens to have a more contemporary vibe about us.

If you like to let in some light, then you’re guaranteed to feel more awake and at peace in your living space, as light keeps our skin healthy and reminds our brains to stay awake. We’ll yawn less when we’re sitting down or working at the computer, and we’ll feel a little more cozy with the nice warm rays from the window on our backs.

It also makes for a great hosting atmosphere, as watching the sunset from the table at the window over a good coffee is a simple, yet beautiful hang out plan.

Buy Some Candles

It’s another simple solution, and that’s what makes it so effective. Candles work wonders on making a living room feel more homely. Pop down to the supermarket to pop off some of the lids and take a huge whiff of some welcoming vanilla or lavish lavender.  You can compare prices on home candles here, and find the best fragrances for your olfactory senses at competitive prices. You don’t want to get scammed out of a few extra dollars for a traditional air freshener.

You don’t have to fork out for good style!

Happy Styling!

2 thoughts on “Brightening The Atmosphere In Your Living Room”

  1. We have a long rectangular living room and it’s always a challenge to make best use of the space. We moved the furniture around a few times a year to switch it up.

  2. We dont move things all that much. Now, we certainly cant for awhile. Our do recently lost his sight- he is a senior and the smallest change disturbs him. I would love new drapes.. I need them badly.

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