Buyer’s Guide – 10 Ways To Renew Your Home Even Today

Buyer's Guide - 10 Ways To Renew Your Home Even Today

Transforming the environments does not always mean painting the walls, buying new furniture or betting on ideas that require a lot of time, effort and money. Small attitudes can bring that air of change that every home needs from time to time

You can not take that drawer in the living room anymore, but you’re out of money to replace it with the piece of your dreams? Or tired of the face of the pillows in the room? The balcony has lost its grace and you are disillusioned with the look of the toilet? All of this can be changed in the blink of an eye if your bank account is rich enough to change all the decor at once or even move to a new home, but, you will agree: these “solutions” do not usually fit so easily in the reality of most of us.

But nothing is lost! It is possible to transform all the environments of your house almost instantaneously, without bursting your credit card. And we’re not talking about magic. Just pay attention to details. After realizing these small transformations, you will realize that it is not magazine talk: the smallest attitudes do have enormous power when the intention is to air, renew, improve. Before that, you need to buy a few things to renovate home and just a review about the products. Do you think why Why Reviews are important? What things do you need to consider before online shopping? You will find Reviews of different products on

Here are ten basic examples of how you can apply these ideas at home. Of course, from there you will have other good inspirations – do not forget to share them with us in the comments!

1. Cushions – The sofa no longer awakens that sparkle in your eyes and the prints of your cushions have already sickened all the residents of the house? Covers with plain colors or new patterns, totally different from those you already had at home, will give a new air to your room. You can now find cheap options in specialty stores, websites and even supermarkets.

2. Flasher – The prop does not need to be used only at Christmas. The small white or colored lights make such an impact and can decorate balconies, backyards, a wall, the kitchen, the bedside of the room. And it costs little! That is if you no longer have one saved at home.

3. Rescue Hidden Parts -Do you know the dinnerware that you won on your wedding day and keeps it in the drawer for special occasions? And that tablecloth that the family only wears on party days? It’s time to put them into play!

4. New Board – Who said you need to spend fortunes to decorate the wall with works of art? Choose good quality photographs or posters – there are several options for downloading on the internet – and have them printed. Then just put it in a frame or picture and have fun filling the empty walls.

5. Trade-exchange – This solution is classic, but we often forget that it is possible. Try changing furniture instead. Why does the bookcase need to be in that corner of the room and not the other side? Why is the sofa near the window? Ask to innovate the layout and know the Buyer’s Guide.

6. Reaproveitar -You know that wallpaper or piece of fabric left over? Use these flaps to invent new designs. You can layer luminaires, fixtures, or furniture like that drawer that is scratched or stained. Before buying it you should read Product Reviews.

7. Donate – The books you’ve read take up space on the shelf. In addition, they could have extra utility in the hands of those who do not yet know the content of those pages. The same goes for clothes that you no longer wear. Separate what is not good and hurt. Thus, the house gains extra space, which is already a respite and so much for the decoration.

8. Make small repairs -The lamp that has been burned for months, the little hole that was in the place once occupied by a picture on the wall, the tip detached from the wallpaper. It’s time to put your hand in the dough and leave everything in order. To make it easier, list the small repairs and separate what you need.

9. Do a cleaning – The task may not be the most fun in the world, but the result is worth it and leaves the house with a different air. Capriche in the cleaning and, in the end, sprinkle your favorite essence through the environments. Lavender is a good request.

10. Invest in details – A set of small soaps (it may be the one you have won and never used) in a reused glass jar adds a touch of delicacy to the toilet as well as a flower arrangement in the center of the table.

Happy Styling!

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