I Am Floral – Hear Me Roar

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Hey Lovelies, Spring is on the way and I love that floral is popping up big time as a Huge Trend for the warmer weather once again! I’m absolutely loving this Zia Floral Stretchy Pencil Skirt from Cents of Style. Check out how I styled it below, as well as my style tips and inspriation for this look:

cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt

cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt cents of style zia floral stretchy pencil skirt


How I styled it: 

As a stylist, I know that the style means looking like you barely tried. This doesn’t mean you put on the sweats and head out the door, no, not at all! It means that your look is pulled together but in a very effortlessly chic way.

The easiest way to pull off effortless style is this:

Pair something dressed up with something super casual and dressed down- That’s it!

It really is as simple as that! The juxtaposition of pairing the casual with the formal always looks effortlessly chic because the formal top or bottom says classy and put together, while the casual opposite makes it look cool- like you just flung everything on and ran out the door in a hurry! And that ladies, is what will make you look fabulous every single time!

So with that in mind, I paired a dressed up formal pencil style floral skirt from Cents of Style with a casual long sleeved tee. The classic, formal business-y pencil skirt says put together, while the casual long sleeved tee says – I just threw this on!

It’s super easy to dress this way always! Just remember opposites go together! Classy and formal, with casual and cool!


Why I selected this gorgeous floral pencil skirt:

Floral has always represented femininity to me. It is so soft and flirty. But while many of us tend to look at femininity in a way of being soft itself, I associate it with strength, bravery, and power. At least now, I do.

Over the years if you had asked me to describe myself, I would’ve said I was the very definition of femininity that the “floral side” tends to represent – nice, generous, caring, loving, understanding, compassionate. While these are great qualities and I’m so glad that I feel like they represent me, the last year and a half has become one of the most trying times of my life, going through a divorce, giving up a very nice financial cushion, dealing with a broken heart, trying to stay positive when life seems to be beating you down to a pulp. What I found through such a trying experience, is that I had embraced, and become a powerful, extremely strong, passionate, brave woman. Words I never thought represented me. And in this experience, I don’t think I’ve become tough or more masculine, no, not at all. I think I became my most beautiful self, a beautiful, well-rounded woman. Finally. I embraced my femininity. It has made me strong and brave, and I was able to take on the world when I questioned for months how I could even survive it. I’ve thrived!

When I look at this gorgeous floral, feminine skirt, it represents all of the “soft” feminine qualities to me, but also the powerful, strong, feminine characteristics of a woman I developed over the last year. I look at this skirt and I see beauty. I see power, I see WOMAN.


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