Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

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Socks… it’s one of those accessories I’m willing to bet most fashion bloggers totally ignore. Let’s face it, socks end up being more of a necessity than a fashion statement. Unless you were brave enough to jump on the cutesy feminine socks worn with heels trend that popped up a few years ago, you probably don’t think much of your socks as a fashion statement at all. I’ll admit it, I haven’t either.

Then a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a sock brand and I thought, hmm, ok, this will probably be just more of a write up on the sock then actually styling it, but boy was I wrong! These super chic knee-high socks totally DO make the right kind of fashion statement!

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Bombas Socks aren’t your standard socks! The makers of Bombas set out to change socks, by making them as comfortable as humanly possible! And you know what? From my experience with them over the last few weeks, I think they totally succeeded in making the world’s most comfortable sock!

Unlike regular socks, with Bombas, you won’t find those annoying toe seams or heel seems that squish up into the top or bottom of your shoe – ouch! They also have arch support which you feel right away as soon as you put them on, yet they aren’t too tight, but juuuust right! The elastic around the top impressed me the most! It isn’t too tight either, but instead holds the sock up in place perfectly! My knee-high socks didn’t slide down one single bit the whole day I wore them! They stayed right up, so no having to bend over to pull them up- EVER!

If was flippin’ cold out and my boyfriend told me I was going to freeze taking these pics with my bare knees hanging out, but my Bombas socks were actually super warm and kept me pretty nice and toasty! I was totally impressed! Made from super warm merino wool and an incredibly comfortable, soft cotton, these socks feel amazing on. Absolutely no itch! They also have reinforced seams too, AND get this – they are anti- microbial treated too!

I also love that a lot of their socks are in darker colors, so wear isn’t so visible once you’ve worn them, you know, like a hundred times! But if you love your traditional white socks, you can find them here too! They have all kinds of different sizes and styles for men, women, and kids too. I’ve worn some of their ankle socks, no-show socks, calf socks and knee-highs, and they are all fabulous! They look great and are of course – are ultra comfortable to wear too! I’m totally lovin’ that they just came out with ultra cozy, warm, supportive ski and snowboard socks too! From my experience just wearing their super warm knee-high socks, I have no doubt these ski socks will keep feet cozy and warm all day on the slopes!

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

They’re into giving back too! They donate a pair for every pair they sell! And in only two and half years of selling socks, Bombas recently donated its 5 millionth pair! They teamed up with Zac Efron (who is a big fan), some adorable puppies, and some of their biggest inspirations for a fun video they created. Check out the Video HERE!

Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks

Interested in trying out some of these fab – super comfy and supportive socks for yourself? Shop them today at

These truly are the most comfortable socks in the history of socks!

Happy Styling!

Have you tried out Bombas yet? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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15 thoughts on “Comfort & Style: Bombas Socks”

  1. I LOVE this brand. I have two pair I adore. Both of mine are the shorter socks, I think they are cool because they have this little tab on the back that keeps them right where they are supposed to go. I like the longer pairs you are wearing in particular the pair that looks like they are ribbed. Very cute!

  2. I like that they are into giving back too. Have not worn socks like this in years but these do look and sound warm

  3. When I first looked at the top picture, I thought she was wearing riding boots…love that look. These look like great socks… I always appreciate a good sock…these pictures tell the story…and it’s happily ever after…

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