Does Your Home Represent Your Personality?

Does your home represent your personality? First of all, why should it? Is this something you need to keep in mind when redecorating your place? Well, of course, you are entitled to any form of decoration that gives you the most pleasure. If this involves bright, clashing colors and three hundred repeating posters of your favorite band all over your home, and it makes you happy, there’s little reason for us to tell you what to do. However, if you feel as though your home needs a balance of your own tastes and the best, most informed home curation effort possible, it can be worthwhile to know how to begin.

Does Your Home Represent Your Personality?

Not all homes represent all personalities. We know this, as from time to time in life it’s easy to come across someone’s place that simply gives us the wrong impression. It might be the design or layout of the rooms that do this, the furnishing choices or even simpler selections such as the style of carpet or wallpaper used.

Thankfully, your home is your own place to curate, and so doing so in line  with your current tastes is essential. Consider the following:

Tame The Outside

Many people, in a distinct effort to craft their home in the best manner possible, will find that they focus on the internal environment of the house to a large extent. It’s not hard to understand why. This is likely the environment they will be interfacing with for most of the week. However, it can be just as important to tame the outside, because the exterior influences the interior of your home much more than you might care to admit. Having a distinct, functional outdoor space can double the seemed feeling of your property, even if that’s just great decoration in the midst of winter, curating the garden path, or using the best lawn care in order to maintain the health of your outdoor environment. It can be incredible worthwhile to tame the outside, but you’ll only start to notice that once indulging in it.

Practicality Over Form

The form of your home decoration is second to the practicality. Practicality can mean different things for different homes, but you likely know what it means to you. It could mean you decluttering your house in order to let the natural furnishings shine before you even consider heading to a store to purchase new items. It might mean reupholstering a sofa rather than replacing it. It could mean optimizing the layout of the internal furniture in order to ensure you can walk around well, and have enough space to enjoy the activities you hope to do there.


Celebrate yourself, unapologetically. Are you a painter, or at least interested in painting as a hobby? Hang your creations around the house! Place your achievements in a dedicated room you’re happy with. If you’re simply a humble hobbyist like a movie-consumer, craft the best media entertainment center you can. You deserve your space to be the most welcoming for you, so be sure to use this as a grounding principle, and if sharing the space with someone else, be sure to balance both of those together.

How does your home represent your personality? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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