Elizabeth Grant Vit C Peel and Biocollasis Complex Recover Cream REVIEWS

I don’t know about you but the word “peel” scares the crap out of me, at least  when it comes to my skin! Maybe its thanks to that one “Sex and the City” Episode where Samantha gets a peel and when she comes out of the office, a kid screams at her super red, scary-looking face!
I know peels for home-use are not going to be as invasive and give you the Samantha face, but the word still scares me, so I was a bit hesitant to try the Vitamin C Peel by Elizabeth Grant Skincare. If there is one skincare brand I trust with, well, my face… its certainly Elizabeth Grant! This skincare line offers the best in skincare, and you can get it all at a super affordable price! 
When I got my peel, I really liked that it contains Vitamin C. Sounds like that will help you avoid the Samantha face right? I opened it up and felt it and it has a lovely sweet scent and just feels like a light microdermabrasion. When I used it, my face was only a little pink after use, nothing at all to worry about. 
The peel felt super nice on my skin. I could feel the tiny little beads washing away my dead skin, revealing beautiful, glowy, soft skin. After a few uses my face was beginning to feel really soft. I also really liked using it because this time of year, my already dry skin, dries out like the sahara desert! On top of that, I’ve been trying out some new acne products so I was worried that combined with this peel, I was asking for a disaster.
The result was quite the contrary! My skin feels smooth and soft and hasn’t been dry at all since using it!

Secondly, I tried the Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Recovery Cream I think this was also the little miracle worker that really kept my skin from drying out. Combined with the peel, I felt like my skin was thanking me for finding the perfect combination to help it through this dry, cold winter.

This Recovery Cream is super smooth, rich and creamy, which is exactly what I look for in my night creams. I need the maximum moisture I can get and this Recovery Cream by Elizabeth Grant certainly packs in the moisture! Not only does it moisturize like crazy, it is designed to accelerate the turnover ofcells, and helps reconstruct the skin by providing nourishment and cellular repair. Wow! I didn’t even know night creams could do that! Elizabeth grant uses plant stem cells along with 9 intensive hydration boosters- Ah! That explains the crazy moisture this wonderful night cream gives me!

I’ve tried a lot of creams and if there is one thing I’m super picky about in my skincare routine, its night cream! I need something rich and creamy that leaves my skin feeling well moisturized. Some night creams I’ve tried leave my skin feeling to sticky or too heavy, but not this Recovery Cream! It was the perfect combination of moisture. The texture feels amazing, my skin soaks it up, but it feels so soft, and supple after use. AND who doesn’t love anti-aging properties in their night cream! If you ask me, this night cream has it all! It is definently something I would continue to use without any thought!

Oh yeah? And check out the jar! This is the prettiest night cream I’ve ever seen! I like it so much I leave it sitting out in my bathroom! It’s too pretty to hide in my vanity!

If you would like to learn more about these amazing products by Elizabeth Grant, or find your perfect skincare regimen, check out ElizabethGrant.com today!

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