Exploring Skin Treatment Technology

Exploring Skin Treatment Technology

When your skin health is in jeopardy, your first instinct might be to go out and buy creams and lotions to fix it.

While a good at-home skincare plan is excellent, it is not always sufficient, especially when you get older or if your skin suffers above average damage for other reasons.

At such times, exploring skin treatment technology provided in clinics is a better idea.

Long-Standing Clinical Laser Treatment Methods

Many people who visit clinics for skincare do so to have laser treatment. Several decades of successful clinical laser treatments have given skincare lasers the positive reputations they now have. Those lasers have traditionally been specialized tools, including non-ablative and ablative devices. The former attack hidden skin problems, while the latter primarily treat what can be seen and sometimes lower skin layers as well.

Traditional non-ablative and ablative laser treatments have many advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. For example, they tend to specialize in particular treatments. That means you may have to visit several clinics before you find the procedure you need offered. Traditional laser treatments are also sometimes a bit more invasive than newer laser device treatment options.

Advantages of Modern Laser Skin Treatment Technologies

As time has passed, skin treatment technology has advanced. Nowhere is that more evident than in the world of laser treatment. For example, today there are laser procedures like Nd: YAG, which are capable of treating dark skin with fewer side effect risks. There are also all-in-one lasers tools that can treat multiple types of skin and conditions. That is in stark contrast to earlier laser models. Most of those only perform specific treatments. Many of them are also potentially hazardous for dark-skinned patients.

Chemical Peels Also Offer Customized Assistance

Skincare treatments are not limited to laser procedures. Far from it. They also are not the only clinical procedures that have undergone changes and improvements over the years. Today’s chemical peels are also treatments you can now customize much more than before. As more formulas that strip away unwanted materials and improve skin health have been identified, options have expanded.

Today, you can sign up for mild, moderate, or strong peel procedures. The strength correlates to the depth of the tissues affected. Your clinician can help you identify which peel you need based on the current health of your skin. He or she can also review the chemicals used with you.

Clinics Provide Many Other Skin Treatments as Well

The sheer number of clinical procedures for skin treatment has also expanded as new technologies have developed. You now have options ranging from needle treatments like microdermabrasion to “cool” light non-laser procedures. Even radio frequencies can be used to trigger healing down deep in your skin cells. With all of those options, there is at least one treatment available for practically every situation.

Skin Treatments and Their Side Effects

Certain skin treatment technologies can have side effects. For example, lasers have the potential to burn the skin. However, they are most likely to do so if there are excessive amounts of oil on the skin or other foreign materials, such as perfumes. Thanks to clear clinical instructions and a vetting process during which clinicians assess skin type and health, those side effects are minimized. Nevertheless, temporary side effects can happen after a procedure, even if it is the right procedure for you. For example, your skin might become more sun-sensitive after a laser treatment.

How to Select from Multiple Skin Treatment Technologies

The fact that you have so many skin treatment technologies to pick from these days can feel like a blessing and a curse at the same time. The best way to select the one you need is to consider each aspect of the process. That includes potential benefits, risks, and the possible need for multiple treatments. It also includes financial and time investments. Between those factors and recommendations from your clinician, the decision to have laser treatment or another form of skin therapy should be easy.

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