How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses

Ever get super excited about a fabulous pair of sunglasses you just ordered online for a great deal, only to have them arrive, and look nothing on you like it did the model! I know, I’ve been there, and it IS super frustrating! Ever notice how the same thing goes for buying clothing online too? It’s not that the model has one up on you, it’s just that we have different body types. And like bodies, are faces are all different shapes too, which is why those beautiful cat eye sunnies may have looked extra fabulous on that model, but not so much on you!

In this day and age, who even visits a store to shop anymore? I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere and “shopped” for fashion. Granted, Utah doesn’t have the greatest shopping ever, but unless I’m in Vegas, that is about the only time I visit the fancy shops anymore. I do pretty much all of my shopping online these days, even for groceries! Why? Because you can shop the whole world from your computer, so you’re sure to find the best variety and best deal out there. Your local boutique can’t guarantee you that.

Because online shopping is so major now and is going nowhere anytime soon, it’s absolutely vital you learn your body type and if you’re in the market for some new shades after that last disaster that showed up, you absolutely need to know your face shape and what looks good on it too! Read on for my tips for finding your perfect match!

How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for your Face Shape:

The first thing you gotta do is determine your face shape. Most of us can tell probably by looking in the mirror.

Here are the four basic face shapes, choose which resembles your face the closest: 

1. Oval

2. Round

3. Square

4. Heart (high cheekbones, chin comes to a point (the bottom half of the face resembling the bottom of a heart)

Mine is Oval:

How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses

Having a hard time determining your face shape? You can pull out the good ol’ measuring tape and measure your face in width from the forehead, cheeks, and jaw, or Google “My Face Shape” and you’ll find lots of tips for finding your face shape, as well as some programs that let you upload a picture to help you determine your shape (just be sure to choose a picture showing your face head on for the most accurate measurement.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, read on for what styles look best for your shape:

1. Oval – We’re the lucky one’s ladies! Pretty much any frame looks good on the oval-shaped faces. Feel free to choose from round frames, square frames, aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye, or oversized. One tip I’ve found from buying tons of sunnies over the years, make sure the frame isn’t too big or too small for your oval face. You don’t want to look like a 5-year-old wearing mommy’s sunglasses, or even worse, wear a pair of tiny sunnies that make your face look HUGE!  Yikes!

2. Round. Juxtaposition is everything here. Because your face is round, a more geometric or horizontal frame will look more flattering on you. Choose from rectangle shapes or wayfarers – which will make your face look longer and thinner – making YOU look longer and thinner! Now who doesn’t want that?!

3. Square. Like the round face lovelies above, you’re going to want to choose the opposite of your face when it comes to frames. Because your face resembles more of a square, choose round, thinner, frames that will help balance out your features, by softening your strong jawline, forehead, and wide cheek bones.

4. Heart. Hope you love the 60’s, because cat-eye frames will be your best friend! Frames that are wider at the top (like aviators) and frames that have a lot of design, color, and thicker frame on the bottom of the sunnies, which will help draw the eyes down, and balance out your features by making the smallest part of your face (the bottom) look more symmetrical with your eyes and forehead, which will also make your face look longer and thinner too.

Whew, don’t you feel more confident to get online and start shopping now?! I sure do! One of my favorite places to shop for on-trend sunnies is Woodies (which you can find on Amazon). They offer TONS of Styles to choose from for all different face shapes! I recently got to try out these gorgeous printed bamboo wayfarer style. Each Woodies style comes with polarized lenses to protect your eyes and keep the glare out, as well as a nice hard case, soft case, and cleaning cloth.

How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses Fabulous frames right?! I absolutely love them! Each Woodies is made from wood, making it super lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear (even for the whole day), and each has it’s own unique look too! No two pairs are exactly the same thanks to the lovely unique wood grain found in each pair of shades.

How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses

Check out Woodies Here on Amazon!

Happy Online Shopping!


What have you found are the best style of sunnies for your face shape? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!

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8 thoughts on “How to Find the Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape + Woodies Sunglasses”

  1. gloria patterson

    A lot of great information. I am one of those people that try on sunglasses till I find something I like.

  2. I can never determine my face shape. I sometimes think it is round and sometimes square. Who knows. I think I am an oddball. I tend ro wear whatever is on sale and likely look like a goofball.

  3. LOVE Woodies!! They give off this amazingly effortless natural vibe that I adore!! Thanks for the awesome tips to find the perfect ones for my face!! I have this issue and end up trying on a zillion pairs!

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