Get a FREE SAMPLE of U by Kotex with 3-D Capture Today and Save the Undies and Sheets!

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who dreads that time of the month, and probably a lot of the men who are stuck with our emotions that crazy, up and down week are too!
Isn’t it bad enough we have the hormones to deal with, but the leaks and the ruined panties. I mean, really?! That’s got to be the biggest curse of being a woman! I mean seriously, don’t mess with my clothes, period. Period!
Remember those dreaded pre-teen and teenage years where you never knew when it was going to happen either? I can’t even tell you how many undies and even pants and skirts I ruined. Yeah, I had a few bad experiences in my day, but who hasn’t really?! If only pads, tampons, and liners would have come with the technology back then, that they do today!
I actually took a break from the routine weekly period for the last 5 years, and tried my hands at an IUD. (Don’t do it. That’s a whole other story, but I wouldn’t recommend it.) When I got back into the weekly aunt flo visit this last year, I’ve actually been really quite impressed with how far panty protection has come in the last few years!
I picked up the new U by Kotex Cleanwear, which is built with 3D capture. I’m sure I don’t have to explain what that means, you get the idea just by reading the title. These pads, liners, and tampons are made to provide premium, perfect, protection from every angle! For me, that means sleep.
I splurged on some bamboo sheets a few years back (when I was on the IUD and had no regularly monthly flo) and when I started getting my periods again from going off the IUD, I was really worried about ruining my fabulous new sheets. I went to bed with the period panties and my U by Kotex Cleanwear pad, remembering how many I’ve ruined in the past, mostly from lying down to sleep at night, and tried like hell to not move around in my sleep.
The next morning I woke to clean sheets, AND clean undies! I was super relieved! But as you can imagine, I held my breath for the next four nights as well, and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t roll over from my back onto my side during the night, or game over!
Well I woke to lying on my side, because I’ve become a side sleeper the last few years, so no surprise there. Ugh! I hurried and jump up to look at my bed, and to my lovely surprise, nothing again! My sheets AND undies were perfectly clean again.
For about the last 8 or 9 months I’ve been using my U by Kotex Pads and liners with 3D capture core at night while sleeping during that time of the month, and I have not had one spill yet, and my undies have stayed in great shape too! I wouldn’t trust my sheets or undies to anything else. I have had such bad luck in the past, now that I’ve found something that works so amazingly, there is no way you can pry them from my fingers now!
Not only do these amazing pads and liners really work, they are super comfortable too thanks to super soft sides and uniquely shaped wings that fit and discourage uncomfortable bunching. They are also super breathable and soft to the touch! They are also free of artificial scents and fragrances too.

Save the Undies and Save your Sheets! Pick up U by Kotex with 3D capture today, and sleep restfully knowing you are well protected, even if you roll over onto your side!Join the UnderWarrior ranks today and start Vanquishing the leaks and SAVING The undies!If you would like to learn more about U by Kotex with 3D Capture technology today, then visit today!

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Happy Sleeping!

*This is a sponsored campaign post by U by Kotex.

67 thoughts on “Get a FREE SAMPLE of U by Kotex with 3-D Capture Today and Save the Undies and Sheets!”

  1. Thank you for the free sample. Ive had to throw out so many undies from my time of the month because I didnt have the right protection. Its nice to know they are coming out with new ways to protect us and our panties!

  2. Thank you for the interesting post! 🙂 Unfortunately I can’t order the sample as I am in Bulgaria and I an’t even find these here, but it was an interesting post anyway. Maybe someday they’ll start selling Kotex here too..

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