How to Get the Softest, Smoothest, Most Radiant Skin Ever

How to Get the Softest, Smoothest, Radiant Skin!

Those who know me well, know I tend to be a little OCD about weird things, like keeping my remotes nicely organized in a box, demanding a coaster be used if EVER sitting down a drink in my house, and well..don’t even think about touching my car. Being a beauty lover and professional beauty blogger, that OCD definitely extends over into my beauty regiment too and always has, even since I was a young girl.

At a very young age, I was very meticulous about applying lotion right out of the shower. I have always had very dry skin and if my skin ever touched harsh, drying water it had to get drenched in some lotion or body butter immediately afterward or I would be dealing with some super dry, scaly hands, arms, legs, and feet that would have my OCD in full check!  I don’t know if its because of that, or perhaps some good genes (Thanks, Mom!) But I’ve constantly been complimented on how soft my skin is, my entire life! I’ve heard the terms “freakishly soft” more than once. When getting my makeup done professionally, I’ve also been told I have really great, beautiful skin.

I’ve had girlfriends who have picked up on this and would instantly be buzzing for the scoop on how I get my soft, smooth skin. A lot of what I end up telling them is basic common knowledge, but I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve I’m happy to share too! So read on to get my tips and find out how you can get your best skin!


6 Tips for getting the Softest, Smoothest, Most Radiant, Glowing Skin!

  1. Drink lots of water. This is kind of duh, but it seems like a lot of us could use the reminder anyway. I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to drinking it. I have been doing better over the years but still don’t always get my recommended eight glasses of H20 a day! Drink up! Keep a water bottle with you at all times and you’ll remember to drink from it often! I take mine with me everywhere, even in the car!
  2. Get Plenty of Sleep. Again, duh, but worth mentioning. Many of us live on 6 hours or less a night but we should be getting 7-8 hours to get all the many benefits of a well-rested night’s sleep. Lack of sleep almost instantly shows up on your face and can have negative effects on the skin such as making it look more dull, crapey, and of course, giving you those dreaded dark circles and bags under the eyes!
  3. Eat healthfully and get plenty of vegetable and fruit servings a day. Okay, this is the last health one I’m going to mention, but as most of us know, we are what we eat and eating junk food and sugar will not be so flattering on the skin. Those fruits and vegetables along with having nutrients and vitamins that skin loves are also packed with water too which again is helping to benefit the epidermis. Oh, and don’t forget the workouts too! Along with lots of health benefits, skin looks better too when you’re getting in your three and a half hours of physical activity a week!
  4. Get a Better Shave. This one might surprise most, but a bad shave can not just make you look like Chewbacca, but it isn’t doing anything good for your skin either! Lather up with a rich, moisturizing shower cream before shaving, and use a creamy shaving cream when shaving (hair conditioner works too). Ever done the shower shave dance? You know, where you balance on one leg trying to shave the other because there is nowhere to rest your foot while shaving? Not only is it unsafe, but you’re doing your skin no justice by shaving this way either. Get yourself the portable Cotidea Shower Sidekick with pole and platform to place your leg safely on while shaving. It works with any shower, adjusts to your perfect height, leans against the shower wall and locks in place. The shower sidekick not only helps you get a more even, close shave your skin will thank and love you for, but it’s a must-have anytime for safely shaving in the shower! Tip: Don’t forget to follow up your shave with some super moisturizing after-shave lotion!
  5. Along with shaving on the regular, Exfoliate the rest of your body at least once or twice a week. You don’t need to go crazy here, exfoliating only needs to happen a few times a week and you can use a mild sugar or salt scrub in the shower after cleansing to get the benefits of removing the top dead layer of skin to reveal more youthful softer smoother skin that’s been hiding out underneath! Also, be sure not to exfoliate too often as this can be damaging to the skin and have reverse effects! Don’t rub too harshly either. Soft, circles for only a few seconds is all you need to get a great exfoliation!
  6. Moisturize immediately out of the shower! When your skin is still damp, start lotioning up, and cover your entire body. This is key to getting soft, smooth, hydrated skin. Also, be picky about your lotions. Some are not as effective as others and will still leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. My favorite is the Mirada de Provence Aromatic Herbs Nourishing Body Butter, which has got to be the most moisturizing body butter on the planet! I’m amazed with how incredibly hydrating this cruelty-free, natural lotion is and how smooth and soft it leaves my skin feeling afterward too! It is incredibly rich, and my skin gets such a beautiful radiant glow after using! Also, check out their Nourishing Foot Balm infused with rich nutrients, perfect for those dry feet, and the Cleansing Hand Cream which I keep at my desk to use after every time I wash my hands!

While these are only a few tips, a little TLC for skin can go a long way. Keeping skin hydrated is super important in revealing softer, younger looking skin, and keeping a healthy, active lifestyle will also incredibly benefit the body’s largest organ too! Invest in your skin and it will reward you with a beautiful, youthful glow and super soft skin that will be the envy of those lucky enough to get to touch it!

Happy Beautifying!


What are your tips for soft, glowing skin? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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