GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win Fashion from Imomoi!

One winner for each 50 participants, will randomely be chosen! If the amount of entries reaches 100, 2 of you will win!

 Winners will be announced on imomoi Official Page and Facebook. And an email will be sent to you asking the SKU of the item you want. Here’s what you can win: 
Cute Animal World Print Shirt
Beaded Skirt with Veil
High Waist Strap Jeans Skirt
Colorful Diamonds Double C Dress Yellow
Gorgeous Floral Short Sleeve Dress

Time Duration July 11-Aug 11.

For those not selected as winners, Imomoi will also randomly give one of you a  gift card worth $100!!

Also, be sure to use this 20% off discount code: imomoi20off and  20% off for order over $50!



1. Create your own account on

2. Like the Imomoi Facebook page

3. Leave a comment here with your name and email (the email you used to register)

**By signing up for imomoi’s MLM Program, and introducing imomoi to your friends, you could win a big rate sales commission.

Good Luck Lovelies! xo xo

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