Going Minimalist: 4 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Closet

Going Minimalist: 4 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Closet

If you find yourself having too many clothes yet always having nothing to wear, perhaps it’s high time that you evaluate your wardrobe. You might have a bad case of hoarding. There’s only one real solution for this—go minimalist and purge all the nonessential items in your closet. Embrace a “less is more” mentality to ensure that every clothing item in your wardrobe is something you love and will wear often. Without further ado, here are 4 simple tips for decluttering your closet minimalist style.

Assess Your Wardrobe

The first step of dealing with a problem is to assess the magnitude of the problem. In other words, take stock of everything you have in your wardrobe. Jog your memory of what kind of clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories you have, and create a list of things you like and things you don’t like in your wardrobe. Determine what goal you want to achieve here. How many items do you want to leave in your wardrobe? What kind of apparels do you want to have in it? It’s important to have goals to keep guided when you take on the monster task of decluttering your closet.

Define Your Personal Style

Having a clear definition of your personal style will make it easier and faster for you to decide which items to keep and which ones to get rid of. Going minimalist doesn’t mean you must go against what you love or stick solely to neutral clothes. You can still love your colorful, printed, and patterned clothes while still being minimalist. The key is to simply keep the items your love the most and would wear repeatedly and toss out all the clothing that you’ll never wear. Set a specific number of shirts, pants, dresses, etc. you’re going to retain in your wardrobe; otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a huge pile of clothes in the end.

Categorize Items to Keep, Dispose, Donate, and Sell

It’s time to get the real work done. First, prepare a four boxes or bags for keep, dispose, donate, and sell. Start going through your closet, and with the help of the list you made, categorize your clothes by putting them in the right box. Toss out all the clothes that don’t fit, don’t suit your current style, or don’t make you feel good. Get rid of irreparable items or ones that are too old, word, or faded for you to wear.

You can either donate or sell some clothes online that are still in good condition but won’t wear anymore. Find local charities where you can donate clothes or platforms to sell them and earn extra cash to supplement your income.

Build Your Minimalist Wardrobe

There are no stringent rules for building your minimalist wardrobe, but it’s always good to start with a guide. The average minimalist wardrobe has 20 to 40 clothing items, but you don’t have to adhere strictly to that. It’s all right to have more items since you can work on shaving off your closet as you go. Aside from the limiting the number of apparels in your wardrobe, you next priority is to ensure that you have quality essentials that are durable and versatile.

Less is More

Going minimalist with your wardrobe doesn’t mean swapping your current style for something else that’s more adherent to the traditional meaning of minimalism. The true heart of the matter is to embrace a “less is more” mindset and start being conscious of how you consume things, especially clothes. It’s not about how many items you add to your collection, but how essential every article is.

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