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Ask any fashion-savvy girl how important her styling tools are and I’m sure 9 out of 10 will tell you there’s not much more important than the right tools! I am certainly one of those 9! My hair has gotten extra long over the last few years, and while styling tools have ALWAYS Been important to me, ever since I can remember, the right tools have become more of an obsession for me! I’ve tried so many tools since becoming a blogger, I can’t even tell you how many. But I don’t often write about them because I’m extra picky when it comes to the right tools for my hair!

I think a lot of us tend to focus on how important our curling wands and flat irons are and the hair dryers tend to often go unnoticed. I found a few years back that the right dryer can make all the difference! The technology in hair dryers have come so far in the last few years, that we are now seeing hair dryers that really are good for your hair, thanks to Ionic heat, which is used to help condition hair  and reduce static electricity and frizz.

While this feature is now pretty standard in most hair dyers, the Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer has taken it even further! The Hana air, along with its 3 heat settings, 2 fan speeds, and Cold Air feature, has pure tourmaline crystals, which add shine to the hair as well as antibacterial ions. If you know about the ion technology above, this means that your hair will get a lot hotter, a lot faster, and will reduce dry time dramatically, WHILE helping to seal in shine, extra moisture, and leave your hair looking healthier than before you picked up the dryer!

I know back in the day when I used an old blow dryer, my hair would look super frizzy and dry (which unfortunately is my natural texture already) and my hair would look even worse than before! Now with this new technology, you can dramatically see the difference!

When I used my new Hana Air dryer I got from, I was so impressed with how healthy and shiny it left my hair, not to mention how much it straightened my naturally wavy hair! I only needed a flat iron for the the back of my hair! Check out my pics below! That is just with using my Hana air dryer and a little bit of shine spray! It completely eliminated the need for my flat iron!

Hana Air’s professional blow dryer also has one of the most advanced far infared ionic heat on the market! I could tell right away when I used mine! My hair really seemed to dry quite a bit faster. I actually used it on the medium speed setting most of the time too!

Overall the Hana Air professional blow dryer is an amazing tool and well worth the money! It is lightweight, works fast and rapidly and really leaves your hair looking super healthy and shiny! i loved that I didn’t even need to use a flat iron the last two weeks I’ve been testing this amazing tool out! It completely eliminated a time consuming step in my morning routine, not to mention saved my hair a TON by not needing that extra super hot tool on my hair! My already dry hair does not need that!

Oh, and if you order from, they throw in a bunch of goodies for FREE with every purchase! I got a cute teddy bear in my package, along with a nice brush, nail files, hand sanitizers, and an eye lash curler! All for FREE!

Here is how smooth and shiny the Hana Air professional blow dryer left my hair:

Pretty great right? I didn’t feel the need to pick up the flat iron, I was so pleased with how smooth and shiny, and STRAIGHT it left my hair after using! Oh and don’t forget to use the cool setting after drying! This is where I really noticed the difference for how much shine got locked in, and my hair was absolutely not frizzy at all while using this dryer!

The Hana Air dryer also comes with a 2-year warranty and Misikko has an amazing SALE going on right now you don’t want to miss! Pick up the Hana Air Proffesional Dryer for only $194 (It’s regularly $334 people!!) That’s a 42% SAVINGS! Also get a free heat proof pouch with your order ($20 value!)

Shop today and don’t miss out! BUT WAIT guys! I’m GIVING a Hana Hair professional Hair Dryer away to one of my US readers!


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*Disclosure: I was given this Hana Air hair dryer from All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers I feel will be beneficial to them in some way.

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