How to Choose the Best Bathroom Design for Your Home

A bathroom is one room no home can go without. But, besides it being an absolute necessity, a bathroom can also be a source of relaxation, beauty, and style! So, how can you design a bathroom that perfectly fits your home and your family’s needs? It’s easier than it sounds!

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Design for Your Home

Consider your habits

Bathrooms can be very beautiful, stylish and cozy, but they should be functional and practical first! So, examine your habits and create a bathroom that will satisfy them perfectly. If you’re into long pampering sessions, invest in a spacious bath and plenty of storage for your beauty products. On the other hand, if you’re environmentally-conscious, you might want to check out energy-saving appliances and water-conserving fixtures. Once you take your habits into account, your final design will perfectly fit your lifestyle and serve you and your family for a long time!

Private or family bathroom?

What kind of a bathroom are you designing? For instance, a family bathroom will certainly need more storage space, counter space and towel holders than a private bathroom or a powder room. Also, don’t forget to think about the future! If you’re planning to add another member to your little squad or to send some kid off to college, you need to count that into your design. Pets need an occasional bath, too!

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Design for Your Home

No family member left behind

Additionally, pay extra attention to family members with any special requirements and make sure they can comfortably use the new bathroom. For instance, if you have an aging parent, disabled family member or someone with limited mobility, you might want to equip your bathroom with additions that will allow them to use the facilities easily and safely. Think rails, low-floor shower cabins, and appropriate storage. Another amazing thing is practical bidet seats that install directly onto your toilet and allow easy bathroom use and cleaning. They are also great for kids who haven’t mastered wiping jet and all those who love to practice good hygiene!

Style it up

The perfect bathroom for any home is the one that depicts the owners’ style. So, if you consider yourself to be very Zen, aim for comfort and relaxation. Think Japanese-style bathrooms with a lot of natural materials, natural colors and soft lighting. On the other hand, if you’re an urban lover that’s always busy and in-the-know, you can go with the industrial style space. Exposed pipes, concrete, bricks, bold colors and matte finishes will scream Streets! All in all, examine your style and try to incorporate it into your bathroom design!

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Design for Your Home

Be careful with the color scheme

An ideal bathroom is both practical and beautiful, so don’t neglect the aesthetics! While powder rooms can be as bold and quirky as you like, master bathrooms look and feel best when they follow the general vibe and color scheme of your home. So, try to achieve a smooth transition between rooms by opting for the same color family in your bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be boring or too matchy-matchy!

Let there be light

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any bathroom. This is the place where you shave, groom and put on makeup, so you really need to see what you’re doing! So, no matter your family situation, habits or style, you must illuminate your bathroom properly. Start with general lighting—ceiling fixtures always look the best and most stylish. Think hanging pendants or pretty chandeliers. Next comes your mirror. Ideally, you want lights coming from all sides of the mirror to eliminate any shadows. Finish up with accent lights that will highlight your architecture and add a bit of mood to fill space.

Once you carefully consider your habits, style, and future family changes, you’ll have a bathroom design that will satisfy all your needs. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of money, time and nerve on future remodel and have a bathroom that flows perfectly with your home!

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