How to Feel Sexy and Beautiful in the Winter

You already know that looking good is one of the keys to feeling good. During winter, though, it often feels like you have to choose between those two things. After all, winter time is about bundling up and staving off the cold as much as possible. But what if I told you that you can do both? Seriously: why choose if you don’t have to?  Here is how to look good from the “ground” up—even when the winter is requiring layers and is doing its best to dry out your skin.

Your Foundational Garments

One of the keys to feeling sexy and beautiful is to wear sexy and beautiful “foundation garments.” Wear a matching lace bralette and panty set that accentuates and bolsters your curves. Most people probably won’t ever see your foundation garments but that’s okay. You’re wearing these just for you and you will be amazed at how simply wearing beautiful foundation garments can bolster your confidence and your mood.

Your Protective Layer

These are the layers you wear under the clothing you show to the world: your thermal shirt, your thermal tights, etc. Look for patterned thermal tights and thermal tights in fun colors. This way you can stay warm even if you decide to wear a dress or skirt. For your thermal shirt, go with a fitted tank top. The closer it clings to you, the more heat you can retain and the warmer you will be. In fact, the camisoles you wear in the summer can keep you plenty warm when you wear them under your clothes!

Your Clothes

So many people go with the thickest possible fabrics during the colder months. Would you believe that thicker isn’t necessarily going to be warmer? A lot of the time those thick fabrics just make you look and feel bulky. Look for wool blended with rayon or polyester for clothing that will hang nicely and keep you warm at the same time. Remember: you want to stay warm, but you don’t want to overheat!
Color–wise, pops of color are important. We trend toward darker colors during the winter—maybe because we know that darker colors absorb light while lighter colors reflect it. Believe it or not, science is showing that white doesn’t just reflect light; it reflects heat—so wearing white (and lighter colors) close to your skin can actually reflect your body heat back toward you and help you stay warm! So don’t be afraid to add some pops of color to your outfit. It’s not just mood-related, it’s warmth related!

Your Outer Wear

Like with your regular clothes, you don’t have to go with the thickest or puffiest coat to stay warm. A lighter weight but down filled (or lined) coat should be enough to keep you warm while you are outdoors. For some extra warmth, choose a longer coat. This way the cold winter air has to get through another layer before affecting your knees or thighs, bringing down your body’s temperature. 

Your Feet

Your feet need to stay warm and those thermal tights will go a long way toward accomplishing that goal. Your best option is to choose stylish but lined boots. Don’t layer your socks! Layering socks makes your feet sweat more than they should, which increases your risk of developing athlete’s foot and blisters. Yuck!

These are just a few basic tips for helping yourself look as good as possible so that you’ll feel as good as possible (and as warm as possible) during the winter. What are some of the things you’ve done to feel and look as good as possible while warding off the cold?

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14 thoughts on “How to Feel Sexy and Beautiful in the Winter”

  1. Feet are the worst for me. I live in Florida, so even though it’s warm down here, the air gets dry and then I wear sandals and before I know it I have cardboard feet 😛 I WISH I could get away with cute wintery boots down here, but I’d probably look crazy lol!

  2. Thank you, this is very good information. At winter it’s important to keep us warm and these tips help us to acchieve it. And I really did not know that about white! I tend to use dark colors when I’m cold, imagening that it will make me warmer!

  3. Everytime I add a layer I look like I gained 10 pounds, by the time I am done its like 40 pounds of extra. The good news is when I take all the layers off I feel skinny! ahhahaha!!! The winter diet.

  4. I bought Boo some textured/patterned thermal footless tights for winter with her dresses and they are great. Tough enough to get through a school day yet cute, stylish and warm.

    And longer coats DO make a difference.

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