How to Have Style During a Flight

Any flying is always accompanied by a hassle. In a result, people may choose some clothes to wear, which will not bring them comfort but on the contrary, cause disturbances in an airport or in an aircraft. The following advice will ensure style and comfort during your air travel regardless of whether your seat is in coach or in the cheap first class.

How to have style during a flight


I hope that you have no special limitations or reasons to wear lace-up shoes or boots because you should put them off. The best choice of footwear for an airport is no-lace footwear, namely slip on, or even zip-up shoes. The zip-up shoes are stylish, comfortable, and classic. As you know, the airport security procedures demand to take off your shoes. Using the no-lace shoes won’t bring you any discomfort anymore. Simple and convenient solutions when it comes to shoes, are hands down the best for a flight.



During a flight, you will spend some time (or even much time) sitting in cramped seats. There is absolutely no comfort to do it in jeans or trousers. Put on sweatpants and get rid of the thought that sweatpants are intended only for training or slugging on the sofa watching some amazing series. Nowadays, the contemporary designers offer the new level of sweatpants, providing new areas of style, such as jogger pants for example, which look fabulous with a more dressed-up or stylish top. As a perk, these pants have pockets to store stuff required in an airport such as wallet, passport, phone etc.


In the 21 century, the belt became a style accessory and is rarely used for its initial purpose. Unfortunately, the belt turns into your enemy in any airport of the world, since you always need to take it off. So, it is recommended to leave it at home or put in your suitcase. The absence of a belt will most likely go unnoticed anyway, especially when wearing well-fitting jeans that hug your curves and don’t slide down.


You definitely do not need a jacket inside an airport. Naturally, there are some cases when the jacket is an essential thing during a flight, namely when you fly to the far northern areas of the globe. In other cases, when wearing a jacket you will be drenched in sweat when walking inside or waiting for your flight. It is recommended to substitute a jacket with a flannel shirt, big scarf, or shawl, which are warm but also light and stylish too!


Sunglasses is a stylish peculiarity of most modern people, but it does not mean that you have to wear sunglasses indoors (of course, unless you have light sensitivity issues or are suffering from a nasty migraine). Another reason is security procedures as well as passport check. You will take them off anyway, so why even bother wearing them into the airport anyway? Tuck them away into your carry on or check-in luggage.


Imagine being in a situation that you are late for a flight and counting minutes to the departure. You rush into an airport and there is a chance still a chance to be seated before the departure. However, you’ve worn too many of your valuables and Now you have to spend your precious time removing all these items in order to pass through the metal detector at security! Best to leave jewelry at home even or pack in your luggage. Here again is where a scarf will help add instant style around the neck, without getting in the way of passing through security.


Hopefully armed with these tips, you will be able to “fly” through security easily and safely too!


Happy Flying!

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