How to Protect Your Lawn When Trees Need to Be Cut Down

How to Protect Your Lawn When Trees Need to Be Cut Down


Trees add a dimension of beauty to a yard. They provide shade and shelter. They often change colors with the season. The presence of trees makes a property more attractive and inviting. At the same time, trees provide environmental benefits, including the production of oxygen. Their root systems help prevent runoff and soil erosion. 

Having trees in your yard provides multiple benefits. Sadly, there are times when trees have to be cut down. If a tree is diseased or dying, it poses certain threats. A dying tree could fall and cause damage or injury, even death. A diseased tree could infect other trees in the vicinity. In these cases, you must have the tree removed. At the same time, tree removal poses its own risks to your lawn. Large trucks driving on your lawn could do more damage than good. Here’s how to protect your lawn during the tree-cutting process.


The risks to your lawn when a tree needs to be cut down

A falling tree poses the first and most obvious risk to your property. Trees are generally large and heavy. If they fall the wrong way, they can cause damage to structures, automobiles, or people in their path.

Another consideration is that removing a large tree involves heavy equipment and vehicles. This equipment poses its own threats to your lawn. Heavy vehicles can leave ruts in your yard when the wheels sink into soft ground and get stuck.

Similarly, heavy equipment can compact the soil in your yard, making it harder for roots to grow, impeding the healthy development of the vegetation in your lawn. 


Hire a professional

It is crucial to hire a professional for the process of cutting down a tree in your yard. You might be able to handle removing a small tree on your own, but any large tree needs to be dealt with by someone with plenty of experience and training.

Before the contractor begins the work of removing the tree from your yard, have a discussion with them. Let them know about your concerns regarding the safety and health of your lawn. Ask them how they plan to protect your property.


Use the right equipment

Another essential element of removing a tree without damaging your lawn is ensuring that the correct equipment is used for the job. Equipment that is ineffective or ill-suited to the purpose can cause more harm than good.

The exact equipment needed for the tree-removal process will depend on the type and size of the tree being removed. Discuss these details with your contractor before the work begins to ensure that they utilize the right equipment.


Require access mats

One significant way to reduce the damage to your lawn caused by the tree removal process is to use an access mat. 

Access mats are portable platforms used to protect a surface from damage caused by heavy equipment and large vehicles. These mats provide support for the equipment and prevent vehicle tires from creating ruts in your lawn. Ascertain that your contractor plans to use a construction mat before the work begins.


Plan ahead

Without proper preparation and equipment, landscapers can do a significant amount of damage along with the good of removing trees from your yard. By planning ahead and having a thorough discussion with the contractor, you can prevent this damage.


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4 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Lawn When Trees Need to Be Cut Down”

  1. I never thought much about problems that trees could cause for homes/yards etc. But reading this reminded me about a program I saw on HGTV. They were talking about about the roots and pipe problems. Not to mention to the home/car etc.

    This is a lot of good information which I don’t need any more, thanks to apartment living now.

  2. We literally have no trees in our backyard we did have one giant one but we were afraid it would come down on the house with snowstorms and things like that so we had it cut down. Luckily now we just have neighbors trees to look at in some overlap onto our backyard which is okay, but overall I don’t mind not having trees in our backyard. Sometimes to much bugs and all that crap haha.

  3. I haave to this is very informative to prepare to cut a tree / Thanks for sharing this so awesome of tips indeed

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