Hydration Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Hey, lovely! I hope you have some amazing outdoor plans for the Holiday Weekend! Summer is finally here and the days of laying by the pool, beautiful
hikes and beach fun are upon us.

Unfortunately, the combination of the Summer heat and outdoor activities can lead to excess sweating. This helps keep the body cool down, but it can also lead to dehydration!

Instead of endless glasses of water opt for some healthy fruits and veggies. Incorporating these into your diet can add to your water intake and keep you hydrated all through the summer.

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O., an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy has created
a tip sheet of his seven favorite healthy foods to help fight dehydration.

1. Watermelon

• Watermelons contain around 92% water and one of the most hydrating foods out
there. They can be a great alternative to snacks like pretzels, chips, and peanuts.
These popular snacks have large amounts of sodium and can make you more dehydrated.

2. Cucumber

• Cucumbers are about 96% water and they contain no saturated fat or
cholesterol. They are high in Vitamin B6 helping to produce serotonin, which is the
brain chemical that controls mood. I suggest making small cucumber-watermelon bites,
which are both incredibly hydrating and delicious.

3. Strawberry

• Strawberries have the highest water content of any berry, 92% to be exact.
This berry is a great source of vitamins C and K. You can enjoy the tart-sweet
flavor without consuming too much sugar.

4. Cantaloupe

• This popular melon is 90% water and packed with rich flavor. One cup of
cantaloupe provides 100% of the daily recommended values of Vitamins A and C.

5. Tomato

• Tomatoes are made up of about 95% water. Along with their sweetness they are
perfect to take the place of higher calorie condiments. One medium-size tomato
contains only 22 calories.

6. Zucchini

• Zucchinis are 95% water and help to give you more energy. They also contain
a good amount of potassium helping to reduce blood pressure. The veggie also
promotes skin health, giving a glow and restoring moisture.

7. Lemon

• While I don’t think a lot of people enjoy eating lemons, adding them to
water is a great way to change up a plain glass of water. Besides enhancing the
flavor, lemons are a great source of vitamin C and aids in digestion.

There you have it! Hope these tips help you enjoy some of summers best offerings.. YUM! While Staying hydrated too!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Hydration Tips for Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Christina Gould

    I didn’t know these were a good source of hydration. Now I don’t feel so bad about indulging, lol. Thanks for posting!

  2. Lori Bjornstrom

    I never knew zucchini was high in potassium & water! I think another one worth mentioning is Honeydew melon. I don’t care for the taste of cantaloupe so I go for Honeydew melon, instead.

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