Premium Personal Styling Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

I remember when I was younger, hearing my mom and her friends talk about how time flies by the older you get. I remember thinking that was so weird, and yet here I am in my 30s and suddenly feeling like I could really use some extra time in my day all of a sudden!

For some reason, it does seem to be true for most of us, time flies the older you get! We find our lives becoming full and so much busier, chasing kids around, keeping up with friends, working a 9-5, taking care of the dog. I know when my head hits the pillow each night I’m grateful for all I got done that day and somehow amazed I actually did!

Over the last year or two, the one thing I’ve noticed I have not had time hardly at all to do (and yet absolutely love to do!) is shop for clothes! I know like me, many of you are probably in the same boat! I’ve found my style slipping and when I’ve gone out recently I feel a bit behind on fashion trends, for what feels like the first time in my life! And to be honest, I don’t really like that feeling! I’ve kind of prided myself on the way I dress!

Well, ladies, I’ve found the perfect solution – to save you both time and hassle, and if you happen to struggle with style, or not really know what looks good on your body – I’ve got the perfect solution for that too!  Enter…. DAILYLOOK This site acts as both your personal stylist AND your personal shopper! A new box is shipped to your door each month (or bi-monthly or every 3 months – whichever suits your needs best!) and you can try on the looks, keep what you want and send back the rest! It’s that simple!

I got to try it out myself this month and absolutely fell in love with the ease of it all! I didn’t have to find the time to shop or even research the latest trends. DailyLook did it all for me, for a small personal stylist fee of $40 per box.

When you sign up for DailyLook, you get assigned a professional stylist who will curate each box for you – based on your style profile! Just fill out a quick profile assessing your likes, your style, your budget, and your body shape (it only took me about 10 mins to fill out!) and your personal professional stylist will do the rest!

24 hours before your box is shipped out, you get a chance to preview each box beforehand (so you know exactly what’s coming!) and can switch up to 3 items! Just be sure to select items within the 24-hour time limit!

So now the good stuff, I know you’re all dying to see what I got! I was too!

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

The super cute blue box came with 6 different styles! I got a super chic off the shoulder big cozy white sweater, a beige (super on trend) anorak jacket, a chic floral bohemian style blouse, distressed Hudson Denim Jeans, a cute blue sweater, and black ponte pants (that really suck you and are incredibly flattering!), and a beautiful sleeveless blue lace top. My Stylist (Jennifer) even included tips for how to style each article of clothing! Pretty awesome right?! So if you’re not sure how to wear something, DailyLook will even send you some great tips for styling each item!

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

As soon as the goodies showed up, I couldn’t wait to try them on, so that’s what I immediately got busy doing! Here I’ve paired the chic white sweater and Hudson distressed jeans.

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

And then next I tried on the chic blue lace top and beige anorak jacket.

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

Here’s the cute blue sweater with loose sleeves.

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

And lastly, the Black floral blouse and ponte slim black pants.

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review


Super fun, right?! It took me about 10 minutes to try it all on and within minutes I knew exactly what I was going to keep and what I would return in the handy box (each box comes with a pre-paid UPS shipping label, making it super easy, time-saving, and hassle-free to send back each box!)

So which items do you think I kept? Which ones would you have kept?


Here’s what I kept:

In House Stylist & Styles Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review

The chic blue lace sleeveless blouse, and Distressed Hudson Jeans! I absolutely love this outfit and can’t wait to wear it out this weekend!


Are you dying to try DailyLook out for yourself yet? I know you’re going to love it! It is so much fun and takes only minutes of your time and you’re set for the month (or perhaps the season if you end up splurging on all the great items you’ll be sent!)

Each box is completely Hassle-free! And of course, you get FREE shipping and returns on each box!

There is no obligation to buy! Keep what you love, return the rest!


Right now, Get $10 OFF your First Box with code: STYLESPOT10

To Get Styled, enter here:
Shop Dailylook Today.
Sorry, DailyLook currently only ships to U.S.!

Happy Shopping – in the easiest, most time-saving way possible!

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*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

86 thoughts on “Premium Personal Styling Delivered Straight to Your Door: DAILYLOOK Review”

  1. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    More & more of these personal stylist services are popping up! I’ve never tried them yet, but I’m curious!

  2. I really like the anorak jacket and black ponte pants. You need to keep the pants – they look great on you!

    1. I’m tall (5’10) with a long torso and legs and it catered to me great! They have you fill out a quick profile with your size and measurements so it helps them find clothes that will fit even us tall girls better!

  3. Adriana Gonzalez

    I loved the white sweater. Daily look is so unique, I love that u can return items if you know you won’t wear them.

  4. I love this idea! I can never decide what to get, I love that sweater, especially since it’s getting cold where I live.

  5. I love this idea! Adorable clothes! I’m on disability and, unfortunately, am unable to afford such a service. Maybe some day.

  6. My favorite was the black. That’s because I love darker shades. All of these outfits looked fabulous on you. Those jeans were definitely a keeper.

  7. I’m really impressed with what they sent you especially that cute sleeveless lace top! The black pants looked great on you too well it all did really. I might just have to try this box out, thanks for sharing.

  8. Jeanine Bevacqua

    Once upon a time I had a cute figure and could wear clothes like that as well. Nowadays, it’s hard to find clothes that I like. I wouldn’t want to be stuck having to choose something that I didn’t like just because I can’t return everything. Or could I return everything?

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