How to Jazz up Your Home Using Items You’ve Already Got

Bringing a sense of novelty into your home doesn’t mean that you have to
spend a fortune on giving it a complete makeover. You can freshen up your
space and give it a new look using the items you already have. There’s a
certain beauty in change and when it comes to home décor, even the smallest
one can make a big difference.

Adding pops of color

How to Jazz up Your Home Using Items You’ve Already Got

The simplicity of monochromaticity has a sense of elegance to it. However,
unexpected pops of colour can create a lively and interesting look in your
home. If your living space features a neutral and monochromatic colour
palette, you can jazz it up by adding bold accent details. A neutral
backdrop provides a lot of opportunities for experimentation with different
hues. You probably already have colourful items, such as decorative bowls,
vases, candles, even flower pots, pillowcases for cushions, etc. Instead of
keeping them tucked away somewhere, use them to break the monotony of
monochromaticity. Even if you don’t have stylish decorative items, you can
buy a bucket of paint and repaint some old ones. Just stick to two or three
colours and use them throughout your space to create a cohesive look.
The power of furniture rearrangement

Not only is furniture rearrangement a simple way to bring a sense of
novelty into your home, but it’s also completely free. The moment you
rearrange your furniture, you’ll notice the difference. If your living room
furniture has been lined against the wall, you can place it in a
semi-circle, which will create a warm and inviting ambience. However, you
shouldn’t limit this change to one room. For example, you can move an
armchair from your living room to the hallway, or your bedside lamps to the
kitchen where they can be used as accent pieces.

The secret of repurposing

How to Jazz up Your Home Using Items You’ve Already Got

Give your old items a new purpose and
you’ll completely transform them. This is a great way to use your old
pieces that are just sitting around collecting dust. Your options are
endless and all you need to do is follow your imagination. Do you have a
vintage suitcase hidden in your closet? Take it out and use it as a side
table in your bedroom. Mason jars can be transformed into lovely makeup or
candle holders, flower pots or vases or just be used to display your spices
in the kitchen. You have plenty of accessories and jewellery but nowhere to
put them? Just hang them on a freestanding rack and place it in your

Hidden art

Everything can be a work of art if you know how to look. Even the most
unexpected items can be displayed as artwork in your home. Hang a shelf in
your kitchen and display your colourful plates or mugs. In your bedroom,
you can hang a rack on the wall and exhibit your colourful pashminas and
scarves. In addition, you probably have several paintings in your home that
should definitely be on your walls if they aren’t already. The way you group
paintings and pictures can also give your space a new look. Discover the art hidden in your home
and then find a way to display it.

Fabrics for coziness

How to Jazz up Your Home Using Items You’ve Already Got

By introducing different fabrics into your home, you’ll create an
atmosphere of cosiness and softness while simultaneously adding new pieces.
You can always buy several velvet throw pillows or a soft woollen blanket,
but you probably already have some. Move cushions from your bedroom to the
living room sofa or cover your armchair with a soft patterned blanket. You
can also add stylish runner rugs  to your home for
a deeper, layered look. Place one in your hallway to create a warm and
inviting vibe, while you can use another one next to your bed to keep your
feet warm in the morning. Not only will fabrics create an ambience of
comfort, but they can also introduce playful patterns and vibrant colours
to jazz up your home.

With little imagination and inspiration, you can give your home a new look
without spending a dime. All you need to do is think outside the box and
learn to recognise the hidden beauty.

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