Jelessi: The Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen that Takes 10 Years Off Your Face

Jelessi Torche and HD2 Hyaluronic Cream

We live in a world where youthfulness rules – at least the look of it anyway. There are many things we can control in our daily life, what to wear, who to hang out with, where to go for dinner, but when the signs of aging start to show up (and sometimes much sooner for some of us) it can be incredibly discouraging – especially when it starts to show up on our face and we notice it every time we look in the mirror! I remember when I first started NOT getting ID’d at bars and restaurants for drinks. Ugh, that means I at least look 35. That was not a good feeling.

Another super discouraging moment was at the tender age of 27 when my first nasty sun spot showed up – and in the shape of a mustache no less! I wanted to cry and hide myself from the world.

Unfortunately in a nation where beauty and youth are everything, it can be extremely hard to not play into this, even when many of us are leading fulfilling lives with amazing successful careers, loving families, and finally obtaining the vacations, and material goods and homes we’ve always dreamed of! It’s unfair to think that you finally start living, only to have your face show the world you’ve been indeed living well past your 20s!

While I hate to place confidence on beauty, and luckily many of us who reach our 30’s and 40’s are no longer placing as much value on this, as women, most of us will still find some sort of self-esteem and confidnce in our looks (or the lack thereof), even as we age.

I’ve seen in my own life and the life of my friends and family how suddenly a huge event can take place that can immediately change your thoughts on your looks and make the skinnier body and more youthful looking face more of a priority. Like for instance, the young beautiful intern that shows up at work and all of a sudden we notice how all the men in the office are paying attention to her. Or perhaps, a good friend is cheated on by a husband who went after the younger girl. It’s happened to many of us, unfortunately, and it can be extremely earth-shattering when it does.

My thoughts on plastic surgery our pretty neutral. To each their own, if you feel like you need it, then props to you and hopefully it doesn’t end up making you look face or plastic. I would love an eye lift myself as I was born with some droopy eyelids that showed up in my early 20s, thanks to some unfortunately genes there from my mom and grandma. But plastic surgery is extreme, expensive, and can have dire results. I’m much rather look for cheaper, alternatives that are going to make people say ” Hey, you look different!” Or “what’s changed? Your skin is glowing!” Rather than, whoa! Where did you have your work done!”

Aging beauty can still be beautiful but it doesn’t mean we have to settle for something we don’t like looking at in the mirror.

For me, it’s always been my sun spots. Gray hairs are easy to cover up, even in your late 30’s I’ve found as long as you keep up on the workouts and eat right (a healthier, more plant based diet) you can keep the body pretty tight and toned. But evening out skin tone can be much trickier and as for a newly single woman, I’m finding myself more concerned with this issue of what a long summer in the sun has done to my face. What can I say, I worship the sun and have all my life, and unfortunately at 38, it shows!

I’ve know now as a beauty blogger, that while many skin creams won’t make much of a difference, there are certainly others that do! Especially when used in conjunction with an at-home beauty device, you can get similar to what you’d find in a dermatologists office!

The Jelessi Torche and Jelessi HD2 Hyaluronic Duo are just that- a very powerful turn-back-the-clock antiaging duo!

You have probably heard of Hyaluronic acid showing up a bunch lately in many beauty products, and it is for good reason! Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x it’s weight in water, so you’re going to get incredibly moisturized and hydrated skin when you use it! I have super dry skin and live in a super dry desert like climate here in Utah, and my skin needs something powerful to keep it hydrated and Hyaluronic acid is it! I’ve been using it for a few years now and have been amazed with how much softer and supple my skin is- which in turn makes wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable too!

The Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen that Takes 10 Years Off Your Face: Jelessi

What makes the Jelessi HD2 duo different from other hyaluronic creams on the market, is that it uses a unique formula you won’t find in any other skin creams out there, that not only moisturizes and hydrates the skin, and minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles too, but it also has an amazing combination of ingredients, including hyaluronate, sodium citrate, resveratrol, coconut extract, and vitamin E, that gives skin a flawless photo finish! This cream actually works to even out skin tone and fade away skin imperfections such as my dreaded sunspots, scars, acne scars, and more! It also helps restore and improve collagen and elastin in the skin, giving it a tighter, more lifted youthful appearance. This all-in-one skin cream does it all! It’s a powerful addition to any skincare routine that will make a difference in skin and really quick too! My skin looked immediately more noticeably soft, smoother and brighter after the first use!

It has a way of making the skin look completely flawless too! Skin looks photo ready without makeup! You’ll pay a little more for this skin cream than most, but I’m telling you, it’s well worth it! Plus a little goes a long way, so you won’t need much of it and will last you longer than most skin creams too!

Along with using my Jelessi HD2 Hyaluronic day and night cream duo each morning and night, I also used it in conjunction with the Jelessi TORCHĒ V2+ Amber Light.

This powerful at-home anti aging beauty device emits both Amber LED light and heat technology, and when these two components are used together, you end up with a powerful combination that reduces the appearance of oil stabilization, brown sunspots, inflammation, and reduced pore size too! With extended use (it is recommended to use for at least four weeks, 4-5 times a week), skin awakens and looks fresh, clean, and has an amazing youthful glow to it as well!

The device is easy to use but can take a few minutes depending on which areas of the face you’d like to target. There are three major zones, the cheeks, forehead, and eye area. Each area should be treated for 3-5 minutes after cleansing for 4-5 days a week. Use both the heat and LED mode, and apply light pressure and gently massage skin and keep the wand moving in circular motions while working the zone, and finish with skin cream.

Watch the video to see it in action HERE!

This non-invasive extremely innovative device in gentle and safe and great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It comes with a LIFETIME warranty too, so you know you’re getting exceptional quality!

I’ve found it extremely easy to use. Sure the device takes about 20 mins to hit all the zones, but I found I could easily watch TV while using it, listen to a podcast or just relax in my bed. The Torche is super relaxing and the heat and massage feels so nice on the skin, it’s incredibly relaxing and I found myself looking forward to using it each night before bed!

After just a few uses, I noticed how much smoother and softer my skin felt. In fact, I could easily tell while using the device. The first couple times I used it, my skin would dry up immediately after washing and get tight and I’d have a harder time gliding the device on my skin, but after only a few sessions, my Jelessi Torche began gliding across my skin so much more easily! My skin had already become noticeably softer!

While I have dry skin and not oily skin, I didn’t really get to test out the oil -minimizing feature of this awesome skincare tool, but I do have red inflammed skin from time to time and quickly noticed my skin looking less red and much more even in tone. My skin also started to look much more fresh and has a nice glow to it too! You’ll notice that right after using the device, skin will be a little red, but after a few minutes the redness fades and you’re left with beautiful glowing, illuminated skin that is photo ready!

The biggest difference I noticed was the sun spots. My sunspots are absolutely fading quickly with my Jelessi Torche! I have a lot of sun spots around the temples and my cheeks, and as you can see from the before and after photos I’ve taken, my skin tone is looking much more even and the sunspots are now hardly noticeable, especially around the temples and forehead.

I can also tell that the red inflammation isn’t as noticeable, especially around the nose, inner cheeks, and upper lip if you look closely at the picture below. My under eye circles also don’t look quite as prominent too!

Check out my Before and After:

The Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen that Takes 10 Years Off Your Face: Jelessi

Interested in trying out Jelessi and some of their amazing anti-aging products for yourself? Visit them today at

And be sure to check out all the 5 star reviews from Jelessi’s incredibly satisfied customers!

Jelessi also has more amazing devices and products to help reduce the signs of aging in the neck and around the eyes, as well as a device specifically designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Oh, and the packaging is AMAZING! Some of the best I’ve ever seen!

Happy Beautifying!

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*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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110 thoughts on “Jelessi: The Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen that Takes 10 Years Off Your Face”

  1. gloria patterson

    I have been reading a lot about this product and I would really love to have it……… BUT it is so expensive that it does not fit my budget

  2. That seems interesting, I’ve recently turned 30 and started noticing more sunspots and lines that I better tackle as soon as possible, it’ll definitely be an option!


    Ohhhh, I wish I could afford something like this. I would love to use something like this at home, it’s noninvasive and at home, it would be ideal if only it was more affordable. Maybe we will all get lucky enough if they were to very generously sponsor a giveaway on your blog so then I would at least have a little tiny chance. 🙂

  4. This sounds great and I am going to have my hubby get me one for my birthday. At 53 I am all about reversing the clock.

  5. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I have sunspots too. I have wondered what I might do to lessen the visibility of them. This is definitely worth thinking about.

  6. Janene Gutierrez

    I’ve reached my mid 40’s and never thought I’d have to deal with dry and dull skin as mine was always oily. Boy was I wrong. It’s tough growing older but fortunately great products like this help us bounce back at least a little : )

  7. Yes I need to try these all. Anti Aging has me all over it between lines and circles from being stress tired and wearing a apnea mask !

  8. The results look good, but I also think you’re too hard on yourself. You looked great in the “before,” too. It drives me nuts that aging is seen as such a sin. To be honest, I don’t think most people are judging others all that harshly, and the ones who do are shallow and not worth my time, anyway.

    Not to say that I don’t do what I can to look my best — I’m 53 — but I’m also not going to spend as much as this product costs. I’m pretty happy with my drugstore hyaluronic acid product (the brand starts with an “N” and is four syllables).

    Be kind to yourselves, amigas! Beauty is not just skin deep.

  9. This looks awesome!! You can see the difference in your before and after photos. I’m always looking for products that will help keep my skin looking as young as possible.

  10. Dana Andrakowicz

    I am always looking for something to brighten my skin! I am 52 and haven’t found the right product yet…this looks like it would do the trick!

  11. I still havent found skincare products I love. These sound like they would be worth a shot. Thanks for posting about them.

  12. I won a cream and serum from Vine Vera that has resveratrol and they are really nice products. The Jelessi sounds like another nice product with the combination of resveratrol and hyaluronic acid.

  13. I’ve been daydreaming and wishing on stars to get an anti-aging device much like this one for at home use. I like how convenient it is and easy to use too. Professional treatments of any kind is not something in our budget so nothing like that will ever happen, but maybeeeee if I am really lucky I still hold on to hope I might be able to get something like this someday over the rainbow.

  14. Holy Moly,im 52 and id love to give this stuff a try,the instruments look simple to operate and the before and after pics really show a big difference,what a great beauty breakthrough.

  15. I could definitely use this! I can’t do anything about my actual age, but not looking my actual age would definitely be nice! This would be awesome!

  16. OMG, if this product could really produce these kinds of results, I’m totally in! I can’t do anything about my age, but being able to do something about the age I look is a game changer!

  17. I would love to try this because my skin has been dry and dull looking. This stuff sounds awesome.

  18. Donna Hufman Warrington

    We all need help at a certain age, I’m a that certain age. Interesting, will be looking into this.

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