Kitchen Design: 4 Tips for Adding a Backsplash

I recently just purchased my first home as a single woman two months ago, and while the house was flipped and I love nearly everything they did with it, my lovely kitchen design, though small and quaint was definitely in need of a backsplash!

Like me, I’m sure many of you feel that sense of overwhelm as soon as you begin shopping for a new kitchen design for your home. There are so many options out there, it can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s super hard to know what piece of tile is going to look good in your kitchen too! I’d love to think I have an eye for design but until I see the finished project, I’m usually just living on a hope and a prayer that it turns out the way I like it! It doesn’t always though! I’ve certainly learned that over the years!

I have, however, come up with a way to design your kitchen without regret. After remodeling two of my previous homes completely from ceiling to floor, including a total overhaul of the kitchen design, bathrooms, and powder room, I have come up with 4 tips that can be applied to not only the design of the kitchen but bathrooms and anywhere else in your home you may be looking to re-design too!

4 Tips for picking your Kitchen Design

1.Decide on the mood you want in your kitchen – Where you do you want the drama to be? Is the kitchen the focus of your home? If so, don’t be afraid to go bold here. Do you want it to reflect warm earthy tones, or cool, trendy modern tones?

2. Decide on the style. We each have a unique style so don’t be afraid to let it show in your kitchen design. My style is very modern. I love neutral colors in white and gray with a few modern accent pieces. Throughout my home, you will find many big beautiful mirrored pieces, with small pops of color in the Home decor, throw pillows and art. I want to bring this into my kitchen too by keeping it overall neutral with a bit of cool color.

3. Pick the focus of your kitchen design. The easiest way to do this is with a bold or bright backsplash. Keep the cabinets and countertop more neutral and don’t be afraid to go all out on the backsplash. But if you’d rather go with a neutral tile, like subway tile for instance, in a neutral color, don’t be afraid to go bold with a beautiful bright countertop or perhaps colorful cabinets. *Remember, you want to pick one area of focus (with either bright bold color or a bold print) so the eye knows where to go. If you have too much going on, it’s going to look confusing and like a big Decorating Mistake.

4. Determine the size of the backsplash. For a smaller backsplash, it will obviously be much easier to go bold here. If you have a lot of areas to cover, you may want to keep it a little more simple or make one small spot the main focus (for instance a big bold piece around the oven). I love to look to current Decor Trends for inspiration here. Subway tile has been huge for the last few years but big deco ceramic tile seems to be making a come back.

My kitchen is very small in size, in fact, you’re looking at the whole kitchen here in this picture. My cabinets are actually a very light purple so I have some color going on here, and my granite countertops are pretty bold in design while still neutral in color. The overall mood and style of my home is very cool, with modern decor. To keep with this mood and to make the kitchen more of the centerpiece of my home, I can certainly go bold and go ALL OUT here with a stand-out backsplash. Because my kitchen is so small, my backsplash won’t be covering many areas, so I can get crazy here if I want to!

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

To get started choosing some tiles, I ordered some samples from Mosaic Tile offers a HUGE selection of tile, in fact, one of the biggest selections I’ve seen in my hunt for tile for my backsplash, that will work great for Kitchen remodels on a budget!

I especially love scrolling through their lookbook to find some fabulous kitchen design inspiration! They also make it incredibly easy to shop for tile by letting you order samples, so you can get an idea of what they will look like in your home next to your cabinets and countertop.

Once I got my samples, I started lining them up in my kitchen to get an eye for what it would look like!

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

This big classic ceramic deco tile really caught my eye right off the bat! This beautiful tile is gorgeous and a bold standout piece that would really draw attention to the backsplash of my kitchen and make it the focal point,

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

I love marble so I was immediately drawn to this tile. While the color is neutral, the pattern is bold and would make a great addition to my kitchen by bringing sophistication and some attention to the backsplash.

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

Here is another deco ceramic tile a bit smaller in size but just as bold in print! This tile is more of a warm beige, which does bring the eye up to the backsplash since the rest of my kitchen tones are very cool. However, I do like to keep the tones all in the cool palette which I feel brings and overall cohesiveness to my kitchen.

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

I love the shape of this tile but again I feel the tiles are a bit too warm for the design of my kitchen.

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

This is a fun mosaic tile in a unique triangle shape. I haven’t seen many mosaics in this shape before which is certainly eye-catching. I ove the grays, silvers, and whites which also reflect my overall home decor style.

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

This is another fun tile with a unique pattern and shape. I also love the white and the pop of silver. This would also really stand out and bring some fun flavor to my backsplash!

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

And here are the tiles lined up, which I do in hopes that one will stand out more than the other.

Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?
Redesigning my Kitchen: Which Backsplash Should I Choose?

Overall, I think I have some great samples from Mosaic Tile Outlet to work with here. I’m in love with a few of them and am now just leaving the tiles here in place for a bit to get a feel for it and decide within a few days which one I’m going to go for!

Which tile should I choose for my backsplash? Help me decide by commenting below!

Interested in checking out Mosaic Tile Outlet out for yourself? Check them out HERE and use my Discount Code: MYSTYLE15 and get 15% OFF your entire purchase!

Happy Home Styling!

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