Lending Luxury Your Way: How to Get that Designer Dress at a HUGE Savings

I don’t know who thought of renting out clothes and accessories, but they are genius! I mean, come on, how many of us can really afford to keep buying those super expensive dresses and designer shoes and bags? And even if you do fork out the money for that one gorgeous gown, it’s “out” next season anyway. While I believe good quality bags and shoes are a good investment, I have a hard time buying clothes that cost more then I will wear them. Which I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s only a couple of wears.

I’m a shopping whore. I’ll full on admit that. I shop and shop and shop, and often times always end up throwing money away because I just won’t get that many wears out of it. I’ve learned over time, that I like to be on trend, and my style is not really classic as much as I thought it was, so it’s best for me to buy less inexpensive clothes I can just throw out the next year or two when they’re not in style any more.

But what happens when you do have that really important occasion where you really do need a classic dress that doesn’t look like you just picked it up for $50? Well, that is where the rentals come in ladies. I promise you will love yourself for saving yourself big bucks, and renting a gorgeous gown for that special evening, and then never thinking twice about it again. Hopefully, you can get that picture in that fabulous dress to remember how beautiful you looked, but you won’t have to worry about forking out a lot of money for a gown you’re going to feel the need to where every time a special occasion comes up. After all, who wants to keep wearing the same dress anyway?!

Borrowing a gorgeous gown is totally the way to go, especially if like me, unfortunately you don’t have the need to dress up too often anyway.

I recently came across LendingLuxury.com and couldn’t wait to try the rental experience for myself, as I’ve never done it before. I picked out a gorgeous white gown with delicate beading I was head over heels in love with just from the picture, but when it showed up, wow!!

The gown showed up in a super cute package, along with a garment bag you get to keep. When I pulled the gown out, it felt and looked so incredibly luxurious. I knew that wherever I wore this, I was going to get all kinds of the right attention, and boy did I! I filmed my video and took the pics on the front step of my house, and had a couple neighbors come over and ask what was going on as well as tell me how nice I looked.

I went out for a big night out on the town in the dress and saying I felt like a princess in it, is putting it lightly. I don’t know that I’ve ever worn such a high quality gown. This gown is over $500 retail, but for a 5 day rental, you only have to pay $70. Also, get FREE Return shipping on your dress! You also have the option to rent for 10 days or even 15 days if you want to get a few wears in, or just give yourself plenty of time to get the dress shipped back. You can also pick the date for when it will be shipped to you (as soon as one or two days out!) Prices vary on the dresses, and Lending Luxury has such a huge selection of dresses for every occasion, including prom, and even your wedding!

Also, if you have a favorite designer and would like a dress specifically from them, there is a good chance you will find them at Lending Luxury! They carry products from over 100 designers, and it’s super easy to shop their site by designer to find the specific designer you’re looking for! You can also find dresses in tons of different sizes, ranging from a size 0 to a size 16! They also ship to anywhere in the US!

Check out how I styled my beautiful gown here:

Want to see this beautiful dress in action?
Check out my video here:

When it comes time to return the dress, just keep the box it came in, place it in the box, place the pre-paid shipping label, and drop off at your nearest USPS store! You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the dress! Cleaning and insurance is included in the rental price and return shipping is always FREE!

The process for renting a luxury, high quality, designer dress couldn’t be easier! I got my dress in 2 days, had 10 days to wear it and get it shipped back. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning it and got a garment bag out of the deal too!

I’m done spending lots of money on expensive gowns and dresses I will only wear a couple of times or feel guilted into wearing a bunch only because I spent that kind of money, but would really rather be wearing something else, more of the moment.


If you have a special occasion coming up, or maybe you just don’t want to spend money on dresses you will only wear once, then LendingLuxury is for you! Be sure to check them out today at LendingLuxury.com and let the guilt-free shopping begin!

Happy Shopping!


*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

48 thoughts on “Lending Luxury Your Way: How to Get that Designer Dress at a HUGE Savings”

  1. When ever I have a special occasion to go to I hate to go shopping for a new dress because I will never use it again, because the same people usually go to the same functions. I love Lending Luxury because they have such a variety of dresses to choose from and I have the choice to either buy the dress or rent it for one time. I usually make an appointment for a personal shopping experience because the girls who work there make my experience one to remember. Another wonderful thing about Lending Luxury is you don’t have to go into the store to get a wonderful dress you can go online and get the same experience. Their site is so easy and they walk you right through it. You can choose your color of dress, style and size and boom the dresses pop up to choose from. Lending Luxury is the way to go when you need an outfit to go out in. Check them out, you have nothing to loose.

  2. One of my absolute favorite spots for an extraordinary dress from “night out” to “special events” you will not find a selection like this any where else for the money you spend … Affordable and amazing!!

  3. This site is so cool! They have a video on the home page to show you exactly how Lending Luxuries works! Not only do they have dresses but accessories too! So instead of spending hundreds on a dress and matching accessories that you’ll probably only wear once, you can go here and RENT IT!

  4. That is good that they have really small sizes, 0 and 2. I have had trouble finding dresses available in the smallest sizes for my teen daughters who are tall and skinny.

    Aria H.

  5. They even sell “fashion fixes” — adhesives and things to wear with strapless dresses to give you some cleavage, and even tapes to keep the dress from falling down!

    Aria H.

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