The Top 5 Accessories to Update Your Summer Wardrobe with Now + a GIVEAWAY!

Yay! It’s finally Friday and the start to the Holiday weekend! It’s been a long week for me and I couldn’t be more anxious for some days relaxing in the sun!

On a recent trip to the pool with a big new tote bag, it got me thinking about fun, playful accessories that are both functional for spending time outdoors but also chic enough to wear for a romantic outdoor candlelit dinner.

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When it comes to accessories, I don’t have to tell you there are tons and tons to choose from and many different occasions call for many different accessories. I’m constantly looking for ways to save money when it comes to shopping for fashion and accessories, so that means I’m looking for items that have the most versatility and can be worn for many summer events or parties, and hopefully be worn into the fall and winter too!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite accessories for summer and how to make the most of them for day and night, and for other seasons of the year as well so you can hopefully get your money’s worth out of them too!


My Summer Accessory Must-Haves:

  1. A Great Watch.  A wrist watch is one of those classic pieces you can wear with anything, any time of the year, and it will never go out of style. A nice watch is an accessory worth investing in but even then, you can still get a nice quality watch for mere dollars. Stick to the classic silver, gold, or rose gold plated watches, and the metals and metallics are always In and always looks classic when it comes to jewelry!
  2. A Cute Sun Hat. If you’re in your teens or 20’s this might not seem like a must-have to you yet, but it will. As soon as those fun sun spots start to pop up on your face in your late 20’s and early 30’s, it will have you nervous to step outside in the sun without one. I wish I would’ve started buying sun hats early on, but I didn’t until only recently. A sun hat not only offers you protection from the sun, it can also be a total style-maker! I am amazed how much style the right sun hat can add to an outfit. Take for example this cute brown wide-brim sun hat I picked up a couple of years ago! It totally ends up making this summer outfit!
  3. A Statement-Making pair of Heeled Sandals. Shoes can say it all and when it comes to accessorizing for warm weather, a sandal is a must. I love a heeled pair, wedges are actually my favorite because they look perfect for Day AND for Night! You can also sometimes get away with them in winter if they are closed toe. I’m currently wearing and loving this cute camo print wedge strappy sandal that looks great with cut-offs and a tank top OR your dress for your big date!
  4. The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses. Sunglass styles are always changing and in the last few years, they have become so extreme in detail, style and color, that they are usually in for one season and then totally out the next. If you’ve ever bought a pair of designer sunglasses you know just how ridiculous it can be to spend that kind of money on a pair of sunnies! I wish someone had told me that when I forked out $500 for a pair of Wide Frame, rectangle Versace sunnies 5 years ago that would go out as quickly as they came in, and I haven’t been able to wear them since!  When purchasing sunnies now, especially if I want a nicer pair that will last a while, I stick to big, round and black. This style ALWAYS comes back in and is so common and classic it can always be worn over and over. (Think Audrey Hepburn’s Sunnies in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sunglasses worn by Jackie Kennedy). This style always remains chic, and looks great with whatever you’re wearing! I love these cute  Classic Sunglasses from LyCheung.  This fun classic will always be around and it looks great any season of the year too! I particularly love the cute gold detail around the front of the lenses which is unique and a nice update on such a classic style, but not over the top so you can still be sure that these sunnies will still be in style next summer!
  5.  The Neutral Handbag with some fun Detail. The handbag can be tricky to buy. Styles constantly change and there are so many times when one handbag does not fit all occasions. I switch out my daily satchel bag for a clutch for a night out, and I grab a tote for fun outdoor summer activities. It can be hard to find one bag that fits all of those needs so you don’t end up forking out lots of money for lots of different bags that only fit one need. I was thrilled when I found this Lycheung Simple Fringed Handbag, because it truly is the bag that works for all occasions! It looks like a daytime bag but when I paired it with a dress, I was amazed to see how great it looks for a night out too! No need for a clutch! This bag is also big enough in size it works great as a beach tote too! I’ve found so many different uses for it since I picked it up a few weeks ago, It’s amazing just how versatile this handbag truly is! I also really love that it’s a light beige so it goes with every color and print in my wardrobe AND the cute fringe style is so on trend, and eye-catching that it truly stands out and makes a statement! It totally makes this outfit, right?!

LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung LyCheung

Just remember when shopping for summer accessories to find versatility in the item before purchasing. Think of at least 3 different occasions you can use it for, and a day and night outfit that will both go with it! If you stick to this plan, you will be saving yourself money over the long run when you find you can get so many uses out of that fabulous new accessory!

Also, don’t fall into the trap of “This item is so now!” Make sure the trendy details of the item (like my fringe bag!) have been around for several seasons or that the detail is small enough or not so out there,  (like the unfortunate mistake of my Versace sunnies) that it will still be great to wear even when the trend has long gone by!

Be sure Shop to start perfectly accessorizing your summer outfits today!


Happy Shopping!

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  1. I like the turquoise bag and fringe bag.. Did I read this right. everyone who enters gets $30 gift card…? or did you mean the three winners. love your blog. thanks for sharing

  2. Dotty J Boucher

    Love this bag Square Handbags With Rhinestone Pink, such a pretty color and that rhinstone is gorgeous!!

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