Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer + A GIVEAWAY

I’m a very lucky girl, in that my boyfriend (besides being the amazing, super supportive person he is) also happens to be an AH-MAZZZINGG cook! Me on the other hand, not so much. I avoid the kitchen as much as possible, so when I get asked to review cooking products for my blog, I hand them over to my boyfriend and let him have at it! But I actually got a really unique cooking device I had heard of before but never tried out until this week, and since Troy and I had an extremely busy weekend traveling back and forth to Wyoming to fix up my rental, I got stuck with the device to try out all by myself. Let’s just say I was intimidated. I looked at the Vegetable Spiralizer and the box, and well there wasn’t any directions so I’m instantly even more nervous. I went to the Amazon page to see how to work it and well, I found a TON of great reviews on it. People love this thing! (And it actually works the way you think it will- very easily, so no need for instructions.) But after reading how much people are loving this, it made me a little more excited to try it. You can use it to cut many different types of vegetables and fruits into pretty spiralized noodles. I found that it came with three different blades for getting different cuts, one gives you a shoestring type of noodle, another gives you ribbon noodles, and the third gives you flat accordion spirals.


I did run into a little trouble switching the blades but found that if you push down on it where it connects at the bottom, then it pops right out. But once I figured it out, oh my gosh you guys, I had a hay day with this thing! I had no idea how fun it would be. Remember.. I absolutely despise cooking and anything to do with it? If it wasn’t for my boyfriend who regularly prepares amazingly delicious meals, I would (and have lived on) just eating Vegetarian TV dinners. Prep work is my least favorite thing about cooking, so this thing kind of blew my mind because it’s prep work, but it makes cooking actually fun! Seriously, I tried a tomato first with the flat accordion spiral blade, and thought, huh, that was pretty easy and it’s actually fun! Then I went nuts! I started grabbing every veggie and fruit I had in the fridge and tried it out on this thing! I tried lemons (and ended up with some really yummy pretty lemon water), red pepper, zucchini, onion, even strawberries. The strawberries didn’t quite look as great as the others but were still fun to eat. In fact, the only thing I found that didn’t work so well, was celery. And that is because it’s just too long and thin for the spiralizer to really get a good grip on it and keep it spinning to spiralize.

Vegetable Spiralizer for Low Carb Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Meals, Healthier Meals Vegetable Spiralizer for Low Carb Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Meals, Healthier Meals

So at the end of having my fun 15 minutes in the kitchen for once in my life, spiralizing every fruit and veggie I had in the fridge, I ended up with this really pretty salad!

Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer for Low Carb Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free MealsAnd here you can see how pretty some of these vegetables and fruits came out on their own: Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer for Low Carb Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Meals Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer for Low Carb Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Meals If anything, this awesome cooking tool makes food look prettier for serving guests too! Not being much of a cook, I never invite people over for dinner, but this handy tool makes me much more apt to extend an invite! I told my boyfriend before trying out this tool, that I wanted him to do it because he garnishes his food so pretty that I knew he would make whatever dish he created with it look amazing, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this veggie spiralizer makes even MY food look good! The Vegetable Spiralizer is Perfect For Making Low Carb Gluten Free Paleo Vegan Meals! Being that I’m a vegetarian, this thing should be (and probably now will be!) my best friend in the kitchen – well at least when Troy isn’t there to cook for me! The product is really good quality and you can tell it’s strong and durable and built to last too! If you’ve used previous spiralizers in the past, this one is a serious upgrade and not like those cheap, poorly made other spiralizers you’ll find on the market! The blades on this are strong, work great and are easy to clean too! The spiralizer is super simple to use, and works really well and doesn’t require any muscle either! It’s safe enough for younger ones to use too! You can even use it with extra strong vegetables like pumpkin, squash, and beetroots! You just simply turn the arm and push towards the blade gently, and it does all the grunt work! It also has four incredibly strong suction cups on the bottom that really grip your counter, so it won’t move around on you at all, while you cut up your veggies. It grips so hard, I had to pull each leg off separately and slowly to place the spiralizer in my dishwasher to be washed.

It is also BPA free and great for helping save time preparing healthy meals too! I was amazed at how quickly this handy tool spiralized up food! It’s so much easier and faster than manually chopping up fruits and veggies! It also makes it extra easier for those of us who stick to the TV dinners, to give them up and start eating a healthier, more balanced meal. And you can bet, if you’re using this thing frequently and cutting up lots of fruits and veggies with your meals, you’re going to be losing some weight too! I’m not much of a salad person, which I know is extremely weird for being vegetarian, but the pretty salad I created with this actually made me want to eat salad! It WAS yummy too!
This handy kitchen tool also makes it easy for busy Mom’s to whip up some healthy meals quickly! Just spiralize some veggies, toss in the frying pan with some olive oil, cook up for a few minutes, add some rice or tofu, and you’ve got a yummy, easy, healthy meal! I don’t have kids but I imagine the pretty spiralized veggies you get with this thing would entice kids to actually want to eat their veggies (as well as probably play with them too though, lol.) I spiralized zucchini with this spiralizer too (as shown above) to use as a pasta dish instead of pasta. I have tried this in restaurants and have been amazed with how well zucchini can replace pasta in a pasta dish! I love that this spiralizer allows me to do that and eliminate some carbs too by eating less pasta and more veggies in my dinners!   There’s no risk to buy it and try it out for yourself too because Kytchen Lab offers a 100% risk free purchase today with their Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee! Interested in trying out this super fun, and super handy Vegetable Spiralizer for yourself? Shop it HERE on Amazon.

*Also, use the coupon code: OINXHGSQat checkout on Amazon and save $10! Making the price just $19.95!  Valid until 7/31. One Per Customer.

Happy Cooking!

Also, the lovely people of Kytchen Lab are letting me GIVEAWAY one of these handy Veggie Spiralizers to 3 of my lovely readers! 

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Good Luck lovelies! 

Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer + A GIVEAWAY a Rafflecopter giveaway

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18 thoughts on “Making Cooking Fun Again & Healthier Too: Vegetable Spiralizer + A GIVEAWAY”

  1. I would use this for squash, carrots, potatoes and anything else I could fit in it! I have a hand held that does the job but this is so much easier!

  2. I’d make a pasta dish of vibrant colors of veggies. My husband loves zucchini and all that other good stuff. I could even make a stir fry with the veggies. YUM! Sounds so good even talking about it. ha ha

  3. I would use this on every veggie I could get my hands on. My mom is old and sick, it it’s hard for her to chew. I want her to eat healthier, so this would make a great way to get yams, cukes, zucchini, potatos, and especially carrots into her!

  4. Katrina Brockavich

    I would make my daughter spaghetti that she can eat from veggies since she can’t have pasta! She would love to try different “noodles!”

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