Michael Kors And His Fashion Empire

The name Michael Kors is today synonymous with designer clothing and accessories of the highest order. But like many of its contemporaries, the man behind this behemoth of a brand had to work hard for decades to build his fashion empire.

Let’s delve into the world of Michael Kors designs, covering his life and career as well as the company that he has forged from humble beginnings.

Michael Kors And His Fashion Empire

Childhood Dreams

Fashion was always close to Michael Kors; his mother was a model and when he was just five years old he began to show an aptitude for design. He even advised her how to adapt her wedding dress to improve its look at this tender age.

By his mid-teens he had set his sights on a career in fashion, taking a place at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the late 70s. Less than a year into his studies, he quit and started working in fashion sales in New York City, before eventually moving into a design role.

Making a Name

Throughout the 1980s, he worked for Bergdorf Goodman and took control of his own label, aimed at women. Within a decade his name was well known but was being used under license rather than existing as a distinct brand in its own right.

After a number of setbacks in the mid-90s, Michael Kors made the switch to Celine and impressed many in the industry with the success he found in his new role. By 2002 he had created a range for men, and a year later he left the French firm to focus all of his attention on his own, independent endeavors.

Cementing a Reputation

Since 2004, the Michael Kors brand has developed and expanded globally, with hundreds of stores and bold plans for continued growth.

The company has reinforced its success by acquiring other well-known fashion brands in recent years. This includes the £898 million ($1.14 billion) takeover of Jimmy Choo Ltd in 2017; a sign that this is not just a fashion business, but a true fashion empire.

Brand Ethos & Current Offerings

While Michael Kors has produced some stunning clothing over the years, the brand is associated with a more relaxed, informal approach to fashion than some of its competitors. This has helped it to gain traction in a market which has been hard for other up-starts to penetrate.

From simple sweaters and striped tops to lace flares and ribbed pullovers, the current range exudes retro charm. It’s the kind of chilled out, the classic vibe that modern buyers appreciate, shaking off the stuffy formality of the past and embracing luxury and comfort in one fell swoop.

That’s not to say that Michael Kors doesn’t offer classy clothing for special occasions; evening dresses and stylishly cut suits are available alongside the more laid back products.

Across the range, there’s a certain feeling of eclectic eccentricity which speaks to the various influences and life experiences that the man himself brings to the table.

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