My Go-To Fall Style: DENIZEN by the Levi & Strauss Brand Denim Jeans

Fall is in full swing, and heaven knows I’m wearing my warm go-to-outfit: A loose sweater, denim jeans, and some fabulous boots!

Although the weather is cooling down, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style to stay warm. Although, I will admit to putting style to the side a bit, come the super cold winter months. I’m grabbing whatever warm gear I have and am layering it all on before I step outside in the snow and wind.

Denim jeans are a great fall/winter staple. Most of us wear our denim jeans year round anyway, but they can really add great style to whatever we’re wearing whether its summer or winter!

I recently read a survey that concluded that most women own 5-10 pairs of denim jeans, with a high number owning more than 10 pairs at one given time! I fall into that last category. I have four big drawers full of denim jeans because they are such a versatile staple AND because they are incredibly comfortable and warm during the cold winter months!

What I love most about denim is how much a pair can change the whole look of your outfit. Take black jeans for example, they can really dress up any outfit, even making it work appropriate. Whereas a pair of faded light colored blue denim jeans can really make an outfit look super casual. Even changing the style of jeans can dramatically change your outfit. That tight sweater is going to look completely different when you switch out the usual skinny jeans for a pair of flared or wide leg jeans.

I don’t have to point out that jeans are huge staple in most of our wardrobes. They are so versatile and they are one of the warmest garments we can wear on our legs come fall and winter.

I recently got to try out a gorgeous pair of black denim skinny jeans from DENIZEN from the Levi & Strauss Brand (which you can pick up at your nearest Target, or

When these lovely skinnies arrived, I was immediately impressed with the fit and feel of these denim jeans. From their Essential Stretch line, you get major stretch with these jeans, giving you an amazing, and super comfortable fit. These jeans really move with you, wether you be walking, sitting, running, whatever! They feel like a second skin rather than a pair of denim jeans!

Also, when you feel them, you will die. Seriously. I have some super expensive denim jeans that feel super soft, and I love them because I will glide my hands across them and they feel softer than you would think denim jeans could ever possibly feel. When I put on my black skinny super stretch DENIZEN from the Levi & Strauss brand jeans on, they felt every bit as soft if not even softer than my much more expensive designer brand jeans!

You will be amazed at how soft these super stretch denim jeans feel once they are on! I didn’t want to take them off! In fact, I’ve warn them several times since I got them because they are so extremely comfortable and being black, they look so classic and chic with any top in my closet!

I think because these denim jeans are super stretchy and feel more like a second skin then denim jeans, this also makes them feel warmer on too. Weather has been cooling down dramatically here in Wyoming and I’m already reaching for some of my warmer clothes. When posing for these pictures outside my house, my legs felt so warm and comfortable. I know these are jeans I will be wearing all through the winter to stay warm and looking stylish!

Because these jeans are black, I decided to dress them up with a cute sparkly pale pink sheer sweater and some on-trend thigh high boots in black for a cute work-inspired look.

Here I’m heading out for the day ahead of me, in total work mode, looking and feeling my best in these gorgeous black stretch skinny, DENIZEN by the Levi & Strauss brand jeans!

Aren’t these jeans fabulous? They look amazing, but trust me, you need to try a pair on to really see for yourself just how comfortable and soft they really are!

If you would like to learn more about the DENIZEN by the Levi & Strauss Brand, or pick up some of these lovely denim jeans for yourself (Most run around only $27 AND you can pick styles up for Men and/or Women) then be sure to shop today!

Happy Shopping!

* I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

53 thoughts on “My Go-To Fall Style: DENIZEN by the Levi & Strauss Brand Denim Jeans”

  1. I love denizen jeans!! They are so comfy!! They have different styles like skinny or bootcut jeans but I prefer the skinny jeans. They are stretchy too so they hug your curves in all the right places!! Definitely a fall fashion staple!

  2. I get compliments on my Denizen jeans all the time at work on “Jean Fridays”. Everyone wants to feel the stretch in them and they all say “oh wow those are soft and stretchy”. Lol

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