My Path to Self-Discovery & My Psychic Reading with California Psychics

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2020 was a very challenging year for me, as for many. I know I’m not alone in this. My work suffered, my income took a big hit, I found myself down, worried, vulnerable, and desperate. I humbled myself and applied for food stamps (one of the most challenging experiences of my life) because it came down to paying my mortgage or buying food several months during Covid. A situation I’ve never been even close to being in before.

Things are so much better now for a lot of reasons, including some insight I received through a couple of psychic readings from California Psychics.

I felt like I was losing my sanity. I woke up sick to my stomach with worry and anxiety, wondering if I’d land some work that day, money would hit my account and I’d be able to finally pay some bills. My savings were completely drained, I humbled myself again and asked my dad and current boyfriend for help. I have never been one to ask for help, to me that is about the hardest thing in the world. I’m a single woman who lives alone with no children, and independence is everything to me. I want more than anything to be this strong, independent woman, and asking for help just didn’t fit the mold for me. But what I found was that I actually became stronger once I did ask for help. All the walls I had built up to “protect myself” fell down around me, and you know what?! It was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I learned and grew more in a few short months during covid than I have in years.


I actually found relief at one point in all the worry. I woke up one morning thinking I may not be able to pay my mortgage this month, and you know what?! It’s ok. And I actually felt relief. It was like I released it over to the universe and finally gave up control and I quit trying to control the outcome but left it up to the Universe to work itself out. And you know what?! It did! I was able to pay my mortgage, I never missed a payment through all of Covid, and the following month in September, my income started to hike back up again and I was making enough money to pay my bills, worry-free.

I Stopped Worrying.

When I quit trying to control the outcome and quit worrying about what would happen, it seemed that things started to just work out on their own. I decided I would just choose to be happy no matter what. When my car broke down and I got the bill that it would be $3500 to fix, I felt a moment of freaking out and then decided that in that moment, I could choose to just quit worrying and know that things would work out the way they needed to. My boyfriend at the time came through for me in a major way and actually did most of the work for me at a fraction of what the mechanic wanted, and my car was drivable again.

I quit trying to control the outcome

One day I was laying outside in my yard and I felt the stress and anxiety creep in again. How was I going to pay my back taxes by the deadline? I didn’t have an extra dime to spare. I started trying to control the situation, thinking of anything and everything that stressed me out about it. When I felt a voice inside my head say “Quit trying to control the outcome. Let it be.” I took a few deep breaths, decided I would quit thinking about it and worrying, and immediately started to feel better. I quit thinking about it and worrying about and decided that I would just let it play itself out. When a week before the deadline came, my dad offered to loan me the money, so I was able to send off the check and pay my taxes in full. Thank you, Dad!

I asked for help

When I finally started humbling myself and asking others for help, they saw a vulnerable side of me I hide from the world, even my readers! I rarely get deep into my personal life because I want to put up a front that I’ve got my S%@# together, but guess what?! I don’t. And it’s ok. I found that when you reach out and let those close to you know you’re struggling, more often than not, people will come through for you in a big way and help ease your burden. That’s what it’s really all about, right?! Helping each other. My best friend told me that “This is my time to help you when you’ve been there for me so many times in the past.” I felt that this experience actually made our friendship stronger, which I didn’t even think was possible because we’ve been so solid for years.

I became hopeful

I found my hope naturally starting to build again when I thought I’d lost it for good, for sure! I had felt so much despair through all of 2020, but I was finally starting to see the light again. I know things would turn around soon, and it was! But it didn’t even matter that I was finally starting to get more work and make more money again, it was that I had gone through the necessary growth I needed to. I had been broken down to rebuild into the person I needed to become. And that’s what really mattered. Because I knew I was now better equipped to handle anything that would ever come my way again. My mom said to me one day “Wow if you’re business can make it through 2020, it can make it through anything!” And I knew she was right. My business did make it and I knew that no matter what comes my way in the future.

Though I may not be able to control the outcome, and change in enviable, that I would be the person I needed to be to handle any challenges that came my way again.

Why I got a psychic reading

I was offered the chance to do a psychic reading last October for work, for the first time in my life. I have always wanted to get one but never had, so I was super excited about it. And to me, it was the little bit of extra hope I needed to finish out 2020 and look forward to 2021.

If you follow my Youtube Channel, you know that I got my first psychic reading ever from California Psychics! Watch it below!

From the video, you can see it did just that! Gave me a lot of hope for the new year.

Now that it’s now almost the end of March 2021, I got to do a follow-up and I wanted to share what has transpired since my last reading last November.


I had broken up with my boyfriend that I was with for most of 2020 the month before and had started dating someone else for a few weeks but it didn’t work out and I got my reading right after that. Psychic Tara told me he would be back and he was but that I’d have clarity a few weeks later, and I did. I knew I didn’t want to continue dating him. She told me that I’d find love and someone who supported me 200% by march, and he would be a fire sign. Well, guess what?! She was right. I met Joey (an Aries- also a fire sign ) shortly after. He moved to Colorado right after we started dating and I thought there was no way we’d actually start up a relationship after he had moved, but we actually did. He came to see me for Christmas and New Years’, and I went to Steamboat Springs to see him in January for 2 weeks, where he asked me to officially be his girlfriend, and I couldn’t be happier. I wondered how we would weather the long-distance (a 7-hour drive), but then something crazy happened. The job ended early and he was able to come back to Utah. So he ended up moving in with me last month, and here we are. He supports me 200% just like Psychic Tara said, and I’m madly in love and adore this man as I have never before!

California Psychics exists to help people unleash their full potential and live an inspired plentiful life. California Psychics has over 450 psychics with varying specialties including Dream Analysis Psychics, Psychic Mediums, Astrology Psychics, Tarot Psychics and more. You can visit the site and pick a psychic that resonates with you, I chose Psychic Avalon as I liked her profile, and read some of the reviews on her, and felt inspired to chat with her, and I wasn’t disappointed.

So I called Psychic Avalon this time from California Psychics to get some input on love/relationships and career/finance for the year. She was able to give me some great advice for my new relationship and new living together situation and also gave me a lot of hope for the future for both my relationship and career and finances. I left the call feeling very hopeful and very excited for what the rest of 2021 will bring.


My Path to Self-Discovery & California Psychics Review

2020 was quite the year and one I wouldn’t want to live again, but I’m glad that I did live it, and survive it! lol. Because I know it brought me the growth as a person, that I needed to experience, so I could be a better version of myself moving forward.

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31 thoughts on “My Path to Self-Discovery & My Psychic Reading with California Psychics”

  1. I am reluctant to believe in any psychic readings. I don’t think it is possible and is more of profiling and guesswork.

  2. After a tough year, it sounds like things are working out! It is nice to have relatives and friends who are there to help also. Best wishes!

  3. I am not sure how I feel about psychic readings but it sounds like you had alot of personal growth this past year through hardship and growth.

  4. Tracy Robertson

    I’m happy for you and it sounds like a fun thing to do if you have the money to spare, BUT I am wary that there are a lot of frauds and rip off artists out there. Would I do it? Sure, if I was on vacation or had some “fun money” to spared that I absolutely did not need for anything else. I’d get the reading and take it with a grain of salt. But I hate when I see people who can not afford such services get hooked and think that they NEED them.

  5. Michelle Damon

    Although entertaining; I absolutely don’t believe in this kind of thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s something I would only do for laughs — as I did once many years ago.

  6. i’m glad you found them helpful but unless they can give me the winning lottery numbers i am not interested

  7. athena graeme

    I’m not a huge psychic fan, but when I was in Cyprus and we knew we couldn’t have kids, we went in for a reading for fun, the woman told us we’d have a daughter soon. I laughed so hard. She was right though, we ended up adopting a little girl just months later.

  8. Paula Stafford

    I am not sure how I feel about physics. But I’m happy for you that you know the direction your future is going.

  9. A lot of us had a rough 2020. I do find it very interesting to visit a psychic. I have not been to one in quite a long time.

  10. I love this post so much. Life is all about getting through the hard times and learning to let it all go. Be strong! Thanks for sharing!

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