No More Restyling “Dry” Hair Out of the Shower: Dilly’s Collections Shower Cap

I naturally have dry hair and you can bet its even drier this time of year, not to mention the fact that I live in a dry climate as well. You can also bet that frizz can be a real problem for me this time of year, as well as for many of you, I’m sure!  Because of these things, I limit how often I wash my hair, usually to only 2-3 times a week. This keeps my hair looking and feeling healthier, as well as shinier too. It also keeps my hair from looking so dry and seems to keep the frizz away a bit too, as clean hair tends to show signs of frizz better than dirtier hair.

I obviously shower daily but isn’t it annoying getting that perfectly styled hair wet and then having to completely re-do it once you get out of the shower (which kind of defeats the purpose all together)?! I usually just put my hair up in a high bun and then try not to wash my ears and and back of my neck too well so I can keep my hair dry and save myself time getting ready in the morning!

This can obviously be a huge pain and even then doesn’t work as well. I have used those cheap little hotel shower caps once in awhile and sometimes they do an ok job but even those long hot showers this time of year seem to let a little steam in and once I’m out of the shower, my hair still looks limp, damp, and still needs to be re-styled.

Enter Dilly’s Collections Shower caps. These are not your ordinary shower caps! They are super thick, strong, and durable, and you can tell just by picking it up! The inside is super soft and the luxury microfiber lining keeps hair completely dry, smooth and soft too, and you’re hair won’t need re-styling after using!

The cap is made with High Quality Satin and PVC waterproofing materials that keeps hair protected, dry, and frizz-free! The caps are a great size and one size fits all! I have thick, long hair and I have plenty of room in this shower cap for all my hair. Someone with extremely long hair would have no problem fitting all her hair into this shower cap as well! It is nice and big but stays on nicely and doesn’t slide off in the shower. The elastic gives it some good stretch yet holds tight and firmly in place.

Gone are the days of boring shower caps too! These shower caps come in the cutest, chicest designs! My favorite is the “Paris” shower cap, but they have lots of different styles to choose from so you’re sure to find the perfect cap to suit your personality! I love how chic it looks just hanging in my shower even when not in use!

dillys collections showercap dillys collections showercap

Interested in trying one of these fabulous shower caps for yourself?

Choose from lots of cute designs and shop Dilly’s Collections of high-quality shower caps HERE on Amazon.

Happy Shopping!

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*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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