Pangea Organics Matcha Tea-Acai + Goji Berry Harmonzing Mask Review

I love a good face mask! I had never tried Pangea Organic before but thought their mud mask looked amazing! I tried this last night and loved it! It went on smoothly, although I had to use quite a bit to get a good thick mask. I let it sit on my face for about 25 minutes until I felt it harden and start to dry. I used small circles and water to rinse it off. It came off quite easily and didn’t make too much of a mess. The stunning part was that my face actually seemed brighter after removing the mask. I’ve been using masks for years but never noticed a glow quite like this. my skin felt nice and smooth afterwards and soaked up my moisturizer. Today my skin seems more bright and luminous. I will certainly be using this product again in the future and highly recommend it to others looking for a great mask to leave you skin fresh and glowing!

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