Patricia Wexler Lip Plumper Review

My lips AFTER:

I was a bit skeptical about this product but this plumper works! It goes on and after a minute or two gets really tingly, almost annoyingly tingly. It tingles for about 5 mins or so, then right after I could noticeably see a change, especially in my lower lip. It gave new meaning to the phrase “just bitten” because it looked like the lower center of my lip had just been bitten all right. I also really like the shimmery color. Very pretty. The second time I used it, it didn’t seem as tingly and I’m not sure if thats because my lip was still plump or if I had just gotten a little used to it. Either way, I’ll continue to use It. Impressive results! The only downfall is it doesn’t stay plumped for more than a few hours usually…
Happy Plumping!

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