#Howto Pull of a Monochromatic Look from Head to Toe

I love summer whites. I only recently got into wearing a monochromatic look and I’m not really sure why it’s taken so long to spark my interest. Wearing one color from head to toe can be fun and elegant, and it makes for a unique, unexpected look too!

I love the minimalist look of wearing white and maybe thanks to buying into the dumb, totally outdated rule of not wearing White after Labor Day, I feel like I need to make up for lost time in wearing the neutral, uberchic color (or lack of color I guess!)

Wearing a monochromatic head to toe color can be very easy to pull off. When doing it in white- It’s even easier! I strongly suggest white for newbies, just to get the hang of wearing all one shade. Black is easy but also so basic you see it all the time. To me, wearing black from head to toe doesn’t really feel like I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to try something new as well as make a statement. White however, seems to have the oppositive effect! White can be eye-catching and unexpected. Wearing it from head to toe can be playful, and totally off the norm!

Tips for Wearing a Monochromatic look

  • Shades have to be a perfect match – Whenever you’re wearing one color from head to toe, make sure you’ve got the shade for that top and bottom as an exact match, or it will be off and end up looking like you just threw that top and cute skirt on and ran out the door, rather than putting a little thought into your look
  • Add some color somewhere to your look if you’re wearing a neutral monochromatic look (black, white, cream, beige, navy, brown, tan) – Obviously making some color pop is going to happen through your accessories, so pick up a bright purple bag to go with that all tan look, or some bright red heels to go with that navy trouser and button down.
  • Don’t Go Overboard – When wearing color from head to toe, especially if its uber bright, keep the rest of your look very simple and basic, so as not to overwhelm.
  • It’s in the Details – Want to totally go head to toe chromatic, even in your accessories? Go for a statement-making print bag, extra fabulous eye-catching shoes, some beautiful eye-popping jewelry or something totally unexpected in your clothing.
    For example, I recently wore an all white look, including the bag and shoes! The only color I had in my outfit, was the black print from my newspaper-print bag, the cat-eye sunnies, and a pretty gold skull-statement making necklace! What is totally unexpected about this seemingly basic monochromatic look, is the eye-catching unique detail of the white tank top, which when you turn around, has a cute Eiffel Tower applique going up the back, as the T-strap! Pretty flippin adorable right?!

I got this head to toe look from Sammy Dress and you wouldn’t believe how inexpensive this whole outfit was- including the bag and shoes! A whopping $65 for the whole thing, and that’s including shipping too!

I love shopping Sammy Dress for all the latest trends! They have pages and pages of tops, skirts, pants, shorts, denim, leggings, dresses, jumpsuits and rompers! I also love their huge selection of super cute bags, shoes, and jewelry too! They also have lots of sizes available and lots of cute product for all ages too!
SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress SammyDress

Remember: Monochromatic looks are actually quite simple to pull off but can really make a statement and put you at the top of your fashion game in a hurry! Don’t be afraid to play around with different shades of colors and neutrals, and remember to smile and be confident, as that is always the key to looking super fashionable AND beautiful too- not that you need help there! 😉

Shop the Look Here:

SammyDress Eiffel Tower Tank 

White Lace Shorts 

White Studded Wedge Sandals

Newspaper Print Handbag 

Sammy dress newspaper bag and stud sandals

Happy Shopping!

*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.


2 thoughts on “#Howto Pull of a Monochromatic Look from Head to Toe”

  1. Samantha Gambello

    Omg! This shirt is awesome! I love all things Paris..(tho ive never been there)
    And that bag! So FABULOUS. Thats my area. Biggest purse fanatic. My saying is “clothes may not fit..shoes can be uncomfortable..but a purse ALWAYS looks great” not too sayi dont live clothes n shoes but as a +size lady clothes can be hard to find.im that inbetween size not a 12 but not a 24…all sizes are beautiful but as a + we have to work a tad harder to find great clothes. Luckily desingers n stores are finally catching up! But they tend to be very pricey. I dont have $69.95 to pay for 1 shirt. But like my twitter handle- @frugalistaChic8- im a thrift store/salvation army/goodwill/second hand flea market/ junkie. So i find stuff at a Frugal price but still Chic??

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