Sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge!

I love all kinds of shoes. Wedges are my fav in the summer, booties in the winter, heels for a night out and flats/sandals for day! Most of my shoes are around $100 or less but I have two major splurge’s. My Dolce & Gabbana Heels and my Manolo Blahnik Booties. Love, Love, Love these shoes, and they were worth every penny to me! I don’t wear them very often because they cost me an arm and a leg, but when I do wear them…wow! It feels almost…powerful! I have always been a really frugal person but over the years I’ve learned that a splurge can be soooo worth it! That feeling I get from wearing these versus any of my other shoes…Amazing! I wouldn’t trade that feeling!

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