Spring Cleaning & Organizing Tips + A Sweet Deal

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Stop putting off that big cleaning project and get organized in three easy steps:

18"d x 24"w Wire Shelving with 4 Shelves1. Start With A Kit

Each of our wire shelving kits can be set at a custom height, allowing you to easily store bulky objects. Made with the same durable construction as our standard chrome wire shelves, these shelves can support nearly anything you have around the house that needs organization. Tidy up that basement or garage and keep your house cleaner and your stuff safer.

Shop 18″d x 24″w Wire Shelving with 4 Shelves

2. Add Casters

Mobile shelving units are useful in the basement and garage to pack things in tight while keeping access to everything. Create a mobile shelving unit easily with our rubber casters. These wheels are ideal for units rolling over different surfaces, and come with brakes to lock the shelves in place when needed.

Shop Rubber Threaded Casters – 4pk

3. Finish With Shelf Liners

Shelf liners provide a stable surface so that books, DVDs, and small figurines can stand up on wire shelving. They also allow wire to be used as a work surface and give the shelving an attractive modern look. Our shelf liners are recyclable and made in the USA!

Shop 18″d Translucent Shelf Liners

Let’s Play Dress Up: How to Make Wire Shelves Look Even Better

Whether you’re redecorating a room, repainting walls, or moving everything around, we know how it feels to suddenly have something in your room that just doesn’t quite match.

And as helpful as wire shelving can be, sometimes it just doesn’t match the look you’re going for—similar to how the TV stand your mother gave you when you moved just isn’t quite working in the living room anymore.

But wait! Before you decide to relegate your wire shelves down to the basement and go through the cost and trouble of replacing them, there’s actually a lot you can do to make them match your current decorative mood without breaking the bank or leaving you stuck with a more-decorative but less-helpful shelving solution. Before you go moving those wire shelves around, try these steps first.

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Happy Spring Cleaning!

What are some of your spring cleaning/organizing tips? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!

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