Spring Fling Hairstyles and How to Get the Look

Designer Sherri Hill presented her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection with hair by lead artist Tammy Mixon for the CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate product line. 
Sherri Hill’s exclusive collections epitomize the fashionable lifestyle of today’s contemporary women. Each look is designed to enhance and fit the female form with fashion-forward styling and wearability.  Tammy Mixon created “Spring Fling” consisting of a low ponytail that was textured, light and airy.   
The “Inspiration” from Lead Stylist Tammy Mixon for CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate
“I designed this hairstyle to allow the dresses by Sherri Hill to stand out. Since it is her Spring/Summer Collection, I wanted a look that would be universal but fresh looking.”
Get The Look
1.    Begin the look at the top creating a side diagonal part.

2.    Starting at the top crow, take 1” sections and spray with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Flexible Hair Spray. With the CHI Miss Universe 1 1/4″ Curling Iron, curl the section on base leaving the ends free about 2”. Hold for a few seconds, then clip.

3.    Continue curling the back and sides in the same manner being sure to spray each section with the CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Flexible Hair Spray. 

4.    At the top, section the hair following the same diagonal part and continue to curl the hair as above.

5.    After the hair has cooled, remove pins and brush.

6.    Next with your fingers lift multiple sections throughout the head spraying each one with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo for texture.
**Tammy Mixon Tip: “As you are spraying each section, shake it lightly to dry to create a light airy look.” Simply spray each section with the dry shampoo and move your fingers to the ends. Holding the hair straight up; shake the section lightly to replicate.
7.    At the back of the head, part-off a triangle section from the crown to the nape. Back brush this section loosely and allow the hair to fall naturally.

8.    Leaving this triangle section free, begin to gently back brush the top and sides for volume smoothing the surface with your fingers allowing any shorter sections to cascade around the face naturally.

9.    With your fingers, begin to comb the hair back including the sides and create a low ponytail. The key to this style is keeping the triangle section out of the ponytail. Leaving this free adds length and fullness to the pony. While styling, also make sure to keep the volume, texture and fullness. Secure with a rubber band. 
10. To hide the elastic tie, take a small section from underneath and wrap around to cover. Spray with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray.
11. To finish, back brush the triangle section from underneath and also back brush the ponytail blending the two together for fullness. Arrange pieces and spray with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray.
**Tammy Mixon Tip: In addition to using a brushing motion to add more texture to the ponytail, use your fingers to piece and pull small sections.

Restage Dry Shampoo CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Dry Shampoo is a water free spray that cleanses and refreshes hair by absorbing excess oil and eliminating odor. It blends in flawlessly to all hair types, providing added lift and texture to hair.
Work Your Style Flexible Hair Spray CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Flexible Hair Spray is a fast drying light hold hair spray that gives lift, texture and control with flexible movement. It offers protection against moisture and humidity, while providing an incredible silky shine with no added build up or flakes.
Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray Miss Universe Style Illuminate Firm Hair Spray is a firm hold aerosol hair spray designed for ultimate control and shine. The fast drying, weightless formula offers all day hold and support with no added build up.
Miss Universe CHI 1 ¼” Titanium Curling Iron Lift, curl, flip and style your look into crown worthy curls with this 1 ¼” titanium curling iron that creates luscious, full body curls while protecting hair and locking in moisture.
  • Titanium barrel for smooth glide and shiny finish
  • Dual voltage for international travel
  • Heats up to 210°C/410°F

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