Accessories and Jewelry Trends Perfect for This Spring

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Winter has a way of hiding the fabulous accessories and jewelry. Ever notice that?! You might see a warm cozy chic scarf poking out of that trenchcoat, but that’s pretty much it. Even bags seem to disappear and get tucked away when the weather is cold out. This is exactly what I love about spring so much, it really seems to bring new life to accessories.

I’ll admit, I hardly spend any time thinking about my accessories in the colder month because I just wanna stay warm! But as soon as the snow melts and the warmer weather starts rolling in, I start digging into my closet looking for those special pieces that will really make a statement this Spring!

One of my favorite accessories this time of year, is of course a fabulous crossbody handbag. Spring seems to welcome the Crossbodys… I’m not really sure what it is about them, but I find myself wearing them this time of year more often that not! Maybe because they are dainty and spring-like! I especially love this tribal-inspired small crossbody from Stella and Dot, with cute little feather fringe detailing. I’m a huge fan of the wicker-style accessory, and spring is the perfect time to welcome it in! I find myself wearing this bag a ton because it really seems to play up anything I wear with it too, including a basic khaki jacket, white tank, and printed shorts.

stella and dot 2

Every girl has gotta have her chic jewelry pieces for spring. I’m loving that the trend of necklaces has gone less huge statement-making, bobbly around the neck pieces, to longer, more elegant necklaces that still add the right amount of drama! This Mirage Pendant Necklace is made with hand-applied sequins and intricate fringe detailing. Again, with the fringe, but you know why? Fringe always comes back in every spring, and if you’re a little afraid of donning it head to toe (Which you rightfully should be, even if you are going to Coachella next month!), these lovely delicate pieces with hints of fringe totally trend fringe just right!

I can’t get enough of necklaces, so I actually doubled up this cute colorful, metallic hand-beaded necklace and wore it as a bracelet. The Reina Necklace from Stella and Dot can be worn a number of different ways as you can see, and looks amazing with just about anything! I really love the metallics with neutrals, so I kept my outfit neutral again for this look.

stella sunglasses, bag, necklace, and bracelet

It wouldn’t be spring without a super hot pair of sunnies! I fell in love with these gorgeous  Miramar black acetate frame sunglasses with chevron and gold printed detailing. These glasses are sleek and sexy, and they make me feel so fabulous too!


I also love a lightweight fun printed scarf for spring so I naturally gravitated towards this playful black and white scarf from Stella and Dot. Wanna know the really cool thing about this scarf?! It’s actually a convertible sarong you can wear over your bathing suit, OR as a scarf! It, of course, has some more fun fringe detailing, because why not?! Carry this baby with you all spring and summer long to keep you covered up when you’re feeling a little cool!

stella sunnies and scarf

stella and dot 2

Did you know Stella and Dot also has awesome skincare too?! I’ve been using the Ever glow body oil and lip balm for the last few weeks now and these products look and feel fabulous! The lip balm is an absolute must-have for warmer weather and I will no doubt be wearing this glow body oil all summer long too, since it makes me skin look so illuminated! The pretty metallic shimmer oil makes my skin look sun-kissed and well, kissable too! This body oil also has some pretty amazing anti-aging benefits too! I know right, a lotion?! Yeah, this body oil actually will increase cell turnover and leave you with not only healthier, beautiful glowing skin, but younger looking skin as well!


stella and dot accessories, jewelry, and skincare stella and dot accessories, jewelry, and skincare stella and dot accessories, jewelry, and skincare

Yep, you can find lots of pretty amazing accessories, jewelry, and skincare perfect for spring from the Stella and Dot Summer Collection Preview! So be sure to check these lovely goodies out today at

Happy Spring Shopping!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s always interesting watching jewelry trends move back and forth from large, attention-grabbing pieces to smaller, more elegant pieces that demand attention with less physical presence. Combining those more elegant pieces with the right secondary accessories could take an outfit to the next level.

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