How to Successfully Layer for Fall With Varying Temperatures + Chic Comfy Sandals from 4EurSole

Brr. Today was the first cold day here in Utah since May and I’m already missing summer!

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall can be tricky when its 60 degrees one day, and 75 the next! I say that as I’m staring into my closet wondering what to wear. Do I just throw on a jacket over that summer dress? Do I wear a short circle skirt dress with long sleeves to stay warm up on top? Throw on a sweater? Just wear jeans and a tank? Will I be warm? Will I be too hot? And what about shoes!? Do I have to put on those foot-suffocating boots? Can I still wear sandals?

Fall is all about layering. It’s cold in the mornings, and if you’re like me, you’re already having a hard time rolling out of your warm, cozy bed, and to stay warm, you start immediately reaching for sweaters and jeans. But by noon, it’s already hot (and as I found out on a recent trip up Snowbird Canyon for Octoberfest, as I was starting to melt and was dying to get somewhere quick where I could change out of my bit-too cozy and warm attire)!

There actually is a method to the madness when it comes to transitioning your outfit from morning to night in the fall, and it’s all about the layers. Read on for some of my helpful tips for staying warm on those cool fall mornings and evenings, while also staying cool during the hot mid-day!


How to Successfully Layer for Fall when it’s both Hot and Cold Out:

1. For Autumn weather, put on a cool base layer to keep you cool through the hot early fall days. I try to avoid jeans at all cost (especially because I know by November, I will be no doubt living in them at that point – just to stay warm! Go for dresses, skirts, and shorts, but choose thicker, somewhat warmer material. I pick dresses with a little more substance and that are also lined for a bit extra warmth. I put the lightweight airy dresses away for next spring.

2. Now choose your layer. Go for light jackets, cardigans, kimonos, shawls, or warm scarves. Choose something that you can easily remove later once the sun is out and beating down its warmth on you.

3. For those cooler days, wear tights under the skirt or shorts. They can easily be removed and tucked away in your handbag if it get’s too warm with the aid of a restroom.

4. You don’t have to pull out the ankle and knee-high boots just yet. I personally like to live in my sandals as long as I can throughout the year. My feet feel confined in boots and I like to let them breathe as much as possible before the middle of winter is here and I have no other choice but to wear them. If like me you can’t stand being cold but you tend to get cold quite easily, break out the socks. Yes, even with those sandals!

Socks and sandals are one of those trends that came in a few years ago no one thought would stick around for long, but it has! And let’s quit shunning it and rejoice! This extends the wear of our sandals without sacrificing comfort for freezing toes!

Pick cute delicate socks in light or dark colors if you’re sandals fit you like a glove and you don’t want to stretch them out. If you’ve got some room in those heeled sandals, wedges, or flats, don’t be afraid to break out some cozy warm socks to keep your tootsies nice and cozy while temperatures are running cool in the mornings and evenings. You may find you don’t need to even remove them throughout the day, but by that taking off that jacket, you’ve cooled down enough!

Pick socks in a solid neutral color. Think beige and white for those bright colored sandals, and navy or black for more subtle-colored or neutral sandals.

Speaking of cute sandals you can wear all year long, I recently got to try out these super cute Brightness Wheat Flat Sandals from 4EurSole. Not only are they chic and great to wear on their own or layer with some cozy socks, but they are incredibly comfortable and supportive too! – Making them a sandal you WILL want to wear all year long, or at least until those snowy days arrive!

I’ve been wearing and loving super comfortable 4EurSole shoes for a few years now! (See my post on some of their fabulous, super versatile clogs they are best known for here, and some more of their super lovely wedge sandals here). 4EurSole has plenty of shoes to choose from- everything ranging from clogs and slip-ons, to loafers, sandals, and booties –  that can be worn all year long- no matter what the season!

4EurSole footwear merges adjustability, cushiony comfort, support and slip-resistance in a versatile lineup of stylish silhouettes. No wonder they are a brand so many women rely on and love as much as I do!

How to Successfully Layer for Fall With Varying Temperatures + Chic Comfy Sandals from 4EurSole

How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole How to layer for varying temperates + cute comfy sandals from 4EurSole

Photos Courtesy of the Handsome Olstone.

My adjustable studded ankle strap leather flat sandal makes the ideal shoe for summer and fall. It is a super comfortable shoe that can be worn for all kinds of Fall activities, including lots of walking in the pumpkin patches or corn fields mazes, as well as for starting on all that holiday Christmas shopping (Just don’t forget the socks if it’s gotten cool out!). You won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort in these beauties. The thick comfortable sole fully supports the feet and the leather straps adjust easily with velcro for the perfect cozy fit.

Interested in trying out some comfy 4EurSoles shoes today? Visit them here at!

Happy Styling!

*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips. They’re great and I love your 4EurSole Sandals. I’ll definitely have to get a pair. ?

  2. Lovely outfit all around. I like you in blue quite a bit. The sandals are cute.
    Your fall is different than mine.. we are having almost freezing weather, I dont think I could pull that off.

  3. I always associate wearing socks with sandals with British tourists, after living in the Bahamas for years. None of us would ever wear socks with sandals! Loved the other tips though.

  4. What a wonderful outfit, everything goes so well together and is so trendy. Thanks for the great information.

  5. I seriously love the look of these sandals, plus the extra bonus of the comfort! They look so casual, yet so put together!

  6. Oh layers!! Story of my life here in Wisconsin lol!! We get all seasons in one day here! It’s insanity! Except I often end up looking like a bag lady!

  7. I never seem to be able to find a pair of sandals I really like but I really love these! I’ll definitely have to keep my eyes open for this style.

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