Summer White’s and Denim: Get the Look

I love white in the summer. There’s something about warm weather and wearing a cool white. White is huge this season, and you can find it everywhere! I know a lot of us tend to pack it in in the spring and summer before Labor Day arrives, when some of us feel the need to put the white’s away (which I don’t, I think winter whites are fabulous!)

I thought about doing a monochromatic white look for this post, but got such a great pair of denim shorts from Oasap, which happens to have white lace detailing on the sides and back, I decided to wear my white’s with these super comfortable, chic shorts.

I added a super cute long sleeve crochet flower top, which has adorable buttons down the back, from Oasap, my white and plaid handbag, and some cute white sneakers.

While I’m not normally a sneaker girl, I loved how it toned down the Super cute flower crochet top. The denim shorts also give this a super casual weekender look.

The crochet top is see through, so you can wear over a black bra, if you’re brave, or pair it with a white tank top like I did here. The top is absolutely adorable and I got A TON of compliments on it when I wore it out this last weekend! It’s a great versatile top for both summer, AND fall, thanks to the sleeves!

Who doesn’t love denim shorts, right? I have been living in these Oasap Lace peeled fringe denim shorts since I got them. For only $17, they are some of the most comfortable denim shorts I’ve ever worn. They have such a great worn-in feel to them! They stretch a bit, and by a few hours of wear, you have your perfect fit!

 I also love the worn-in look on the front and the back, and the lace detailing short really ups the coolness factor, and also ties in the whites from the rest of my outfit really well too!

See how I styled my whole ensemble here:

Last up, have you ever had a top you couldn’t wear with your bra, but maybe like me, it makes you completely nervous to go bra-free! I found this super comfortable seamless Nu-Bra from Oasap, and have been amazed with how natural they look, and how well they stay on.
If you haven’t ever tried any for of nuBra. They work miracles for covering you up and helping you feel more comfortable in your dress or outfit, without actually wearing a bra. No need to worry about those straps showing! They are little miracle-workers! You just stick them on and go! It’s that easy. Then just rinse when you take them off and let them air dry, to give you plenty of more uses! You will be amazed at how long they last too!
I’ve tried several different brands in the past, costing upwards of $50, but you can get the same bra from Oasap for only $9! They are every bit of high quality as the more expensive brands I’ve tried! They are also every bit as comfortable, and stick and stay on just as well too!

This nubra is a must have for all of your favorite summer outfits! I will always have this on hand for those tiny tops or dresses that just aren’t going to work with a regular bra!

Love my outfit? Then be sure to shop it today at! You will love their fashion and their impossible-to-beat prices!

Happy Shopping!

*I was given these products for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.

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  1. KasadiaIsBeauty

    White is my favorite to wear in the summer. I’m not going bra free any time soon, so the nubra might come in handy.

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