The Dress Trend of the Summer and a High-Quality Bracelet on the Cheap

If there is one trend this summer that I would suggest everyone get on board with, its the Denim trend. Denim is HUGE right now. You can find it in cute denim cut-offs (the perfect summer staple) but also in vests, rompers, dresses, you name it! Denim is everywhere!
The thing about denim is, although it’s extremely on-trend right now, it’s one of those classic materials you will wear over and over. I mean think about it, what get’s worn more than anything else in your closet? Your denim jeans? Yep, I thought so! Denim has always been a hit, for decades, because of it’s incredible versatility, comfort, and well because its the norm. Nearly everyone wears it, and most of the time! I’m willing to bet our favorite pair of denim jeans is most people’s go-to piece, whether you are man or woman, teenager or college kid.
Denim is always a great piece to invest it, no matter what the piece. Even if the vest or jacket goes out for a season or two, it always seems to pop right up again! You can keep it in your closet forever. I never get rid of anything denim for that very reason (besides the jeans I wore a few too many times or grew out of).
This summer, the denim dress is having a moment. I love that I’m finding them in all different kinds of shapes too. You can pick it up in something tight and fitted, like the pencil skirt denim dress, or get something a little more loose like the dress I got from Persunmall here. It also makes a great layer piece, wear it over a bathing suit for a fun unexpected look, you don’t even have to button it up!
When I found this short sleeved worn out, faded, ripped up a bit denim dress, I was in love! It’s the perfect shape for day or night depending on how you accessorize it. Depending on how lax your office dress code is, you could even wear this to work, if at least on casual Friday!
I love the fun knee length of this dress too. It’s sexy but understated. Denim can be very casual, but like your favorite pair of denim jeans, you can dress this dress up in an instant as well.
Because it’s summer, and I still can’t get over my neon accessories obsession, I wore mine with my favorite pair of neon yellow heels and my favorite crossbody clutch. This dress also came with this cute leather weave belt too!
Going along with the dressed up look of this dress, I also picked out a really great weaved rhinestone bracelet from Persunmall as well (Only $12).  I have to rave about this bracelet or a minute. It’s completely inexpensive but the quality is absolutely impressive on this gorgeous gray and gold weaved bracelet. It even shows up in a fancy box like some of the more expensive jewelry you buy. When I pulled it out of the box, it is heavy and sturdy and was also a great fit for my wrist too. When I put it on it clasped easily and stayed on tight all day. I have lots of inexpensive jewelry but I also invest in more expensive pieces now and then, and this rhinestone weave bracelet from Persunmall absolutely rivaled some of my more expensive $80-$100 bracelets! Needless to say, I was completely impressed with the high quality of it!
Check out how I styled my look here:

Love the bracelet and denim dress as much as I do? Then be sure to shop today and don’t miss out on this fun summer-trend that you will wear over and over, for many years to come!

Happy Shopping!

* I was given these products for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. the dress is super cute…i like that it can be wore as a casual piece or you could dress it up with accessories.

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