The Perfect Sexy, yet Sophisticated Valentines Day Dress: FancyDressStore Review

Hey lovelies, I’m so excited to share with you yet another fabulous store I’ve found! FancyDressStore in the Amazon store, offers so many great fabulous finds, I know you’re going to love them, oh and especially their prices!

I found a really great coat, dress, cat sweater, and scarf I have my eye on! I got to try out a beautiful red dress from them recently,  the V Neck long sleeve Ruffle top dress. I adores this dress and love that it is sure to make a great statement this Valentines day!

When I got my dress, I was absolutely in love with it! The color is gorgeous and completely eye catching! It is a cotton blend, so it’s super comfortable and easy to clean too! Yay, no expensive dry cleaning for this beauty! I also love that the length says super sexy, great for that night out, but the long sleeves really give it some class and make the look completely sophisticated and elegant too!

What I love about this red dress is that a few small details like the beautiful scalloped v neck line and the pretty tiny, yet completely statement making puff at the shoulder, really make this dress stand out, and makes it more unique from the typical sea of red you may find on Valentines Day.

A lot of us tend to go for the typical little black dress. It is sexy, and classic, and well let’s face it, most of us blend into the crowd in it right? While some of us may want just that, I know if you’re reading my blog, you are a fashionista that is not afraid to stand out and let the world know you know your fashion and you have amazing style! This little red dress will do just that! While the texture and shape of the dress are pretty standard, the color is anything but! And thanks to the sleeves, this dress is not overly sexy, so when you do wear it, you will be noticed and appreciated for your fabulous, bold style! You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong kind of attention with this red dress, which can easily happen with a red dress that has gone a bit too sexy.

See how I styled my beautiful red dress from FancyDressStore here:

I absolutely adore this dress and will find so many different occasions to wear it! It is comfortable, chic, and will always be a classic, thanks to the lovely shape and color. I like that I can wear it with a pretty stand out coat like I did above, to really make a statement, or I can tone it down a bit with a camel or black coat.

If you would like to learn more about FancyDressStore, or shop their lovely fashion today, then check them out at the amazon store by clicking HERE.

Happy Shopping!

** I was given this dress for the purpose of review. However all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.

87 thoughts on “The Perfect Sexy, yet Sophisticated Valentines Day Dress: FancyDressStore Review”

  1. I think this dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and it is so pretty with these leggings and shoes. And the belt looks so cute with this dress. I would love to wear it!

  2. Gorgeous shape and you look amazing in it! Is the belt removable, it looks like you can change the look of it so many ways if you can change the belt too!

  3. Now that is the perfect dress for Valentines and a wonderful choice on other days when you want to look bright and cheery. I love the back especially.

  4. The boots are amazing! I like how you paired them with a red dress. Too many people would go to ‘matchy matchy’

  5. This is such a gorgeous dress and the color is what I really like. It is a great dress to wear out for Valentine’s Day and right around the corner is Spring, and would be a nice Spring dress.

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