Top 10 Candle Scents to Gift for The Holidays

top scents to gift this holiday season The candle is an easy go-to for gifting! I have yet to meet a person who hates filling up their home with yummy, fragrant, mouth-watering scents that smell like you just cooked a sweet apple pie! Even if you happen to get stacks of candles this holiday, they are usually quickly burned through and often we find ourselves in need of another new one anyway!

I’ve often wondered if the scents I like are the same fragrance everyone else seems to like. I tend to go for anything sweet smelling that makes me want to eat. Maybe not the best idea, but never the less, still my favorite scent. Pumpkin pie, carrot cake, cinnamon roll, mmm… my mouth is watering already.

For the Holiday Season, it seems most go for the Pine scent, caramel pecan pie, peppermint, or cinnamon. I love these scents too but are they really what the masses want?

After doing some research online, I was actually quite surprised to see just what some of the top-selling scents are! Ready to find out and start purchasing some of the most loved fragrances for your loved ones this Holiday Season?


Top 10 Selling Candle Scents Sure to be a Crowd Pleaser this Holiday Season:

  1. Vanilla. Actually, I’m not surprised to hear this. Vanilla is a classic clean, fresh, yet sweet scent that seems to be sold in every line of candle, air freshener, or even body lotion or shower wash for that matter!
  2. Cucumber Melon. Again, not totally surprised by this one either. This is the scent that always seems to be out of stock, no matter where you’re shopping! The fresh, crisp, slightly sweet, but very pleasant scent seems to be a favorite among many!
  3. Apple Pie. So I’m not the only one who loves the sweet baked-goods scents! They say when selling a home that its best to bake something yummy to smell up your home with something inviting that makes the buyer want to buy. This makes a great scent to do the job without having to do the work of all that baking!
  4. Cinnamon. There it is, a holiday scent. I’m guessing that this one is popular because it works well all year round too, unlike cranberry, pine, or pumpkin pie which only seem to work around the holidays.
  5. Lavender. Another faintly sweet scent but one that is a known relaxant to the brain and body, and works as a sleep inducer as well. Lavender makes a great candle to light in the evening to promote some relaxation and unwinding from the day. Who doesn’t love a candle with some health benefits too?!
  6. Fresh Linen. You can’t go wrong with a scent that makes your home smell fresh and clean. Sometimes a good neutral-like fragrance is exactly what the nose ordered. It can neutralize unpleasant odors that sometimes smell up in the home from time to time. A play on this that is one of my favorites, is the Smoke and Odor Eliminator from Candlove. This candle does a great job of eliminating less than pleasant odors around the home and is a great one to burn in the bathroom too, for obvious reasons.
  7. Sandalwood. A lovely rich scent that works great for the men on your holiday shopping list too. The woodsy/musky scent is a great scent fitting to both men and women! It also provides a nice change from the rotation of sweet, fruity, floral scents you may have been burning non-stop for the last few months.
  8. Coffee. And Oldie but a goodie, because who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?!
  9. Coconut. This scent takes me away to paradise. Apparently, I’m not the only one lighting up this scent, sitting back and relaxing and daydreaming of lying on the beach somewhere warm and tropical, because this scent is a best-seller too!
  10. Bear Farts. Ok, so it’s not really a top selling candle scent, and probably one you haven’t heard of or have any idea what it would even smell like either, but a great one to gift none the less (as it brings an instant smile to whoever is opening the gift!) In case you’re wondering, is is a really sweet tropical scent made from a combination of pina colada, coconut, and pineapple! Who would’ve guessed Bear Thunder could smell so good?! Another one of my favorites in Butt Naked, again from This luxurious scented soy candle smells like what you would expect. Summertime. Floral and sweet, and perfect to elevate any mood and well..make you want to get Butt Naked!


Well, there you have it! The top 10 scents to shop for when buying your loved ones (or yourself!) candles this year! These top 10 are sure to please the masses AND their noses, and hopefully bring a smile to their faces too!


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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


What are some of your favorite scents? Let me know in the Comments, I love hearing from you!

*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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