Travel – El Dorado Royale, Cancun’s BEST Spa Resort

I don’t usually write about travel, but since I just visited one of the most luxury results I’ve ever been to, I just had to share with you guys how truly amazing it really was!
While traveling to cancun this last week, my husband and I got the pleasure to stay at the El Dorado Royale,  (a Karisma Resort) in Riviera Maya, Mexico, about 25 minutes south of Cancun for 4 days, which was no where near long enough! I saw the pictures online and thought wow, this resort looks beautiful but when I got there, the beauty far exceeded my expectations as well as the amenities, activities, food, and service! These pictures do not do this place justice but you can see how amazingly beautiful this resort is in some of these pictures below.
When I first arrived, I was greeted warmly, and and they were already expecting me and confirmed my room before I even got inside. Once inside this is the gorgeous lobby with the huge fountain that I feasted my eyes on! I was then greeted and welcomed with a glass of champagne before I even got to the desk to check in. How is that for service?


Upon checking in, they ushered me and my husband over to a desk to be welcomed by our personal hotel receptionist, who welcomed us with a glass of water and went over in detail exactly what our stay included, which by the way was all inclusive- Free drinks and Free Dinners from their beautiful, and very different seven restaurants and even more bars, as well as unlimited 24 hour room service and a mini bar in your room you can use for free as well!  These restaurants included chinese, mexican, italian restaurants, including a health bar which I kind of went absolutely nuts for. We ate some where different for every meal of our stay and the food and service was beyond exceptional every time! Being a vegetarian I was worried my choices would be a bit limited but almost every restaurant had several options for me to choose from, and when we ate at Jo-Jo’s, an american grill, they specially made me a fettucini pasta in red sauce covered with vegetables and it was absolutely delicious! At the Mexican restaurant, they also specially made me a veggie cheese burrito, and I didn’t have to ask for these dishes. When they found out I was vegetarian, they suggested it for me!
The health bar had the most delicious smoothies that doesn’t have sugar so you can eat to your hearts content and feel totally good about it, and yet still absolutely enjoy the exotic fruit taste! They also listed the calorie, fat, and protein count on everything in the menu so you know exactly what you are eating if you are planning on not derailing your diet while on vacation!
Along with free exquisite meals and drinks from their restaurants and bars, you also get free activities, including tennis, beach volleyball, yoga fitness classes, access to their beach front gym,  latin dance lessons, tequila tasting, cooking lessons, bikes, and snorkel gear, just to name a few!  You absolutely will NOT run out of fabulous things to do at this beautiful resort, all for absolutely free!
What I loved about this resort is that there is something always going on all day, so you can participate in as many or as few of the activities as you would like! They also have a nightly movie in their huge outdoor theatre, and a show afterwards! The entertainment was really nice given you are 20 minutes away from Cancun! This resort is built to entertain you, feed you. and bathe you in luxury 24 hours a day so you don’t even feel the need to leave!
Another amazing thing about this resort is that all taxes and gratuities are included so no need to carry cash with you AT ALL! How amazing is that?!



One of my concerns was that because most people don’t leave the resort, I was worried everywhere on the resort would be busy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  First of all, there are SEVERAL pools most of which have their own swim up bars. Some of the pools are massive, and some rooms even have their own swim up pool. The beach is over a mile long on this resort! Yep! You heard that right, over a mile long! And it is filled with beach chairs, hammocks, and these cute tiki beds! They are all over the beach and I never once had a hard time finding a place to lie down, and I’m talking about the beds and hammocks! Each room also has its own personal hammock on your own personal balcony! Absolutely wonderful!


This is a few of some of the presidential suites on the beach that have their own personal beach. hammock, chairs, tiki beds, and even their own personal pools!

The grounds all over this resort were just absolutely amazing! Beautiful pools, 13 of them to be exact, and green grass, trees, and plants. They even stamp the top of their garbage cans, with cute palm tree sand stamps for the ash trays, so even the ash trays are beautiful on this resort!




I had a basic garden view room but from the looks of it, you can see it is anything but basic!  it came with a huge jacuzzi tub in the bed room, a king size bed, personal balcony with chairs, table, and hammock,  as well as huge glass showers, vanities, and its own private area in the bathroom for the toilet!
And let me just talk about the room amenities for a minute. You get these big size Le Natural bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, as well as body scrubs, bubble bath, a vanity kit, shoe polisher, and shower cap. These products smelled so divine and felt even more luxurious on my skin and hair! They are far from your average cheap, runny, average hotel amenities. I loved using these products and didn’t break out my own once during my stay!
Here is the beautiful garden view from my private balcony.

If you’ve ever stayed at an all inclusive resort, you know they’re can be huge differences in one resort to another. I’ve stayed at some of the most basic all-inclusive resorts, and I’ve stayed at a Sandals as well. Sandals was by far the best place I’ve ever stayed, and guess what? The El Dorado Royale is just as good if not better than Sandals! I’m not the only one that thinks so, this resort is a 4 diamond resort, and if you ask me, it should be rated as a five diamond resort! Everything about this resort is absolutely extraordinary and unlike anything you will find any where else. If you wonder how the 1% live, I believe this resort will show you how, but you won’t pay that! This adult-only destination will lavish you, and make you feel like you are their most important guest! It is absolutely breath taking and so exceptionally exquisite, after 4  days, I was depressed thinking about having to leave it! Everyone of my expectations were beyond exceeded at the El Dorado Royale! I was treated like a queen and given everything and more, to ensure my stay was like none other. And I was just a regular guest with one of the cheaper rooms! This resort has an impeccable standard of excellence you will not find any where else, especially for the price! I have no doubt my husband and I will be back very soon! We both couldn’t quit talking about how this resort was hands-down, the nicest place we’ve stayed, and we’ve stayed at other 4 diamond resorts, and five star hotels plenty of times!

There are also things not included in the all-inclusive amenities that you can get at this resort, including exquisite, super relaxing, luxurious couples massages right on the beach from one of their two huge spas on the resort. You can also do private scuba diving tours and rent wave runners, just to name a few!

Well I feel like I’ve officially gone on and on about this beautiful resort, but I assure you, I just can’t say enough good things about this amazing resort! The El Dorado Royale is a super luxurious stay on the most pristine beach, you’ve dreamed about taking all your life! You will never be with out a drink in your hand and you will certainly never be bored or hungry! They take such amazing care of each one of their guests and each employee constantly goes out of their way to make sure you are having the time of your life!
While I haven’t yet stayed at any other Karisma Resorts, from my wonderful experience at the El Dorado Royale, I know I will not be traveling to Mexico in the future, any other way!
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Happy Vacationing!


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