The Ultimate Hair Hack for Covering Grays, Changing Your Hair Color & Easily Stying Hair Too – All in Less than 5 Minutes: 4Rootz

I know that feeling well, when you’re getting ready, looking at yourself in the mirror and all of a sudden notice those awful dreaded grays! I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking – “Crap! I don’t have to time to fix this! I need to be out the door in 5 minutes, and there is no way I can get all of these nasty silvers plucked in time!”

Well, what if I told you, I found a way to do just that- but without the painful plucking!? Well, there is!! Ladies and Gents, you absolutely can cover the grays in less than 5 minutes!

4Rootz™ covers gray in the amount of time it takes to style your hair! The cool thing about it is, not only is it super quick and easy, but its completely mess-free too! No messy powders, no tricky hair mascara, just an incredily super easy-to-use tinted styling gell that will completely cover the grays from roots to ends – AND keeps them covered until your next shampoo! It easily washes out too when it comes time to shampoo too!
This super versatile gray-covering styling gel not only helps you style your hair while covering your grays seamlessly and easily, but it also makes your hair look healthier too! I love that I can use this all-in-one styling/hair coloring gel to cover the grays, touch up my color, style my hair, and add some shine too! Not only does 4Rootz take the stress out of covering those nasty grays, but it helps me save a bunch of time AND money too!

The salon can be a lot of upkeep and expensive too, and if you’re going to be traveling for some time, the panic of seeing a few unsightly grays pop up can leave you dreading the day! Luckily, 4Rootz tucks easily into a purse or suitcase, ready to completely cover grays any time of day or night, at a moment’s notice, wherever you may be!

It works great for both men and women!
If you don’t want permanent color but love the idea of easily and conveniently covering grays, 4Rootz is completely ideal. I love keeping one in my bathroom medicine cabinet, one in my gym bag for touchups, and even keeping it in a desk drawer is a great idea too – so a hair is never out of place, and a gray is never showing!
4Rootz provides superior hold and natural-looking color too!

Check out just how easy and quick it is to use by watching this quick video:

Just a dab rubbed between your palms and smoothed through wet or dry hair delivers manageable hold and dimensional color that washes away whenever you’re ready. It’s incredibly versatile to use! You don’t even have to get 4Rootz to match your hair color, but can get that beautiful gorgeous rich black you’ve always wanted and give your self a complete makeover every time you want to cover the grays! You can also easily give yourself low lights or highlights by using 4 Rootz, all while covering the grays! 4Rootz is not only easy and quick to use and works great for covering those grays, but it’s a lot of fun to use too when you feel like changing up your look with some new hair color!

4Rootz is available in Rich Brown, True Black, and Warm Auburn!

Interested in trying it out for yourself! Shop 4Rootz Here!

Also, be sure to use code: MyStyleSpot when ordering!

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