Wear Your Life Well: A Style Book By Helene Oseen

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With the new year upon us, many of us are working out our New Years resolutions, which often contains goals to get fit or be more healthy. I love a good physical health New Years Resolution, but over the last few years, I’ve decided that maybe a mental health goal is more fitting and something that tends to really stick with me over the year and be something I actually work at. And of course, being a stylist and fashion blogger, I love some good style and fashion goals too!

I recently came upon a fabulous book that so meticulously and beautifully intertwines both wellness and style for the new year. “Wear Your Life Well” by Helene Oseen is a quick read but one that will stay with you! This book is fabulous for the fashionista but works well for anyone who would love a few good style tips. Oseen delivers fantastic tips for easily achieving great style without spending a fortune, and also some fabulous lessons on the journey to becoming your truest self. I absolutely love this. Being a graduate in Psychology, I have always loved some inspirational self-help books but oftentimes find them to be a bit overdone and tiresome. I wouldn’t classify this book as a traditional boring self-help book, it provides some great guidance for accepting and loving yourself, and finding your beauty on both the inside and the outside, but with words and stories that really grab you and inspire you!

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I was overcome with emotion while reading this wonderfully written book on life and style. This book offers some beautiful advice for helping you accept, love, and just be yourself. It is a beautiful goal and discovery we should all hope to reach and this book offers some amazing tips for getting there and feeling good about yourself.

The book is as quick read but one that will grab your attention! I sat down to start it and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting! It only took a few hours, but I loved the positive message this book gives so much, that I didn’t want to stop reading it! I wanted to soak up all the beautiful and lovely messages this book has to offer. It has beautiful moral lessons that are emotional, gripping, and practical too!

Through my own reading, I found myself filled with gratitude. I have been through many of the save situations the author has and am still dealing with a lot of it (a nasty divorce to a man who was not so good to me) and reading Oseen’s own experiences, which she so bravely tells in this book, gave me so much hope that things will work out for the best for me too. Also being a stylist, I loved reading about Oseen’s journey through the world of professionally styling women, and I also found myself excited with her success and looking forward to the future and dreams I’m hoping to achieve in the world of styling myself.

This novel is a beautiful read and this is a book I know I will be coming back to again and again. It truly spoke to my heart. I sat the book down after finishing the last page, feeling so happy to be me, so excited for the future, and so grateful for the present.

Helene Oseen is an ambassador for women and it’s easy to see her passion and mission to inspire after reading this book. Her words are so encouraging and uplifting, and her advice and fashion therapy are perfectly wise, perfectly honest, and so very true. She really feels like your best friend through her expert words and a is true advocate for helping you achieve your dreams and to become the best you.


While the holiday season is over, this book is must read and a great one to keep on your radar for a fabulous gift for any woman in your life! It is motivating, encouraging, and full of great advice both for style and for life!

Interested in picking up this book for yourself or for a loved one? You can purchase it Here on Amazon!


Happy Reading!


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