Why You Need Collagen in Your Life: Vitathority Lean Greens & Collagen Review

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Haven’t tried collagen yet? Well, you’re missing out!

Collagen is an easy beauty hack for:

  • stronger nails
  • healthier, longer, nails
  • healthier hair,
  • softer, glowy healthier, more youthful-looking skin!

Yeah, it does all of that!


I tried out Vitathority Multi Collagen Protein for the last 3 months and wow! My skin looks great! My hair is also looking much healthier and my nails seem much stronger too! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my skin recently, It could be because of the new boyfriend (insert BIG SMILE!) but I can’t help but think it’s my Multi Collagen Protein!

Vitathority Lean Greens & Collagen Review

The Vitathority Multi Collagen Protein powder comes with collagen peptides enhanced with both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C- both of which are AMAZING ingredients for skin! Hyaluronic acid holds 100x it’s weight in water, so its SUPER moisturizing to the skin! I naturally have dry skin anyway and live in an even drier climate, so hyaluronic acid is my best friend! I can totally tell a big difference with it too! My skin stays soft and supple and feels very plump too!

Vitamin C works great for the signs of aging! It’s really amazing at fading sun spots. Another one of my best friends being that I’m now 40 (yeah, I just admitted that!) and am a Leo – so I naturally worship the sun and have spent much of my life out in it! (I’ll be heading out to soak up some warm spring sun rays as soon as I’m finished writing this post!)

It also dissolves instantly so it’s super easy to take and it’s tasteless and odorless too. They also have a yummy Tropical Punch flavor too!

The Multi Collagen Protein powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, and contains zero additives.

You also want to take 2 scoops for the first 7 day loading phase, then switch to just 1 scoop a day for the next 60 days to see best results! 


I also got to try out the Vitathority Lean Greens which is great for weight loss! Oh and it works ladies! I started out almost 10 lbs heavier in January when I started drinking this daily, and I’m now down to a happy 135 lbs. I do normally put on a little bit of weight over the winter that I tend to lose naturally in the spring, but I’ve lost more weight than normal this time, about 3-4 lbs, and it came off much quicker than usual too. I usually don’t lose most of my winter weight until the end of April, beginning of May!

The Lean Greens from Vitathority also improves digestion, gives you increased energy, and makes you less stressed too! It also helps build immunity which we could all use, especially now, right!?

Vitathority Lean Greens & Collagen Review

I would say my energy has been a little better, but I already have pretty good daily energy, thankfully. I haven’t noticed a lot of difference with stress but I feel like I’ve naturally been in more of a zenful state in 2021, after surviving 2020! You with me?! I have noticed better digestion though, for sure! I tend to struggle there some times anyway!

It’s super easy to drink lean greens and multi collagen protein, just add one scoop to 6-10 oz of your favorite drink! I drank mine with just water, but that might not be for everyone!  It’s also very easy to mix into a morning smoothie or even your morning coffee or tea! You can even put it in your breakfast! It works great in oatmeal!

It’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and contains no artificial colors. It also won’t give you any jitters, will help boost immunity, and helps with bloating relief -which again I can attest too! I have struggled with bloat and digestion issues for most of my life.

I tend to feel bloated after most meals. I found while drinking my Lean Greens once a day over the last 3 months I’ve hardly experienced any bloat at all throughout the day! AMAZING! I’m sold on that alone!

Overall, I’ve loved using both of these amazing products from Vitathority! I’m feeling much better, no gut issues, I’ve lost some weight, and I’m looking better too! My skin, hair, and nails are thanking me!


Interested in trying out Lean Greens or Collagen from Vitathority? Check them out at Vitathority.com today!

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